Chapter 19: Blame It on Eevee is a chapter in the RGB Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Red is whizzing down Cycling Road when a Tangela jumps in front of his bike, causing him to skid to dodge. Red falls off the bike and sees a parade of people passing by as the Tangela dashes away. Red chases after it but is manhandled by the parade of people, who tell him that Erika is passing through. Red is furious, but Erika pokes her head out and tells everyone that they were, indeed, at fault, and should apologize.

All of the people immediately drop to their knees and chorus an apology to Red. When Red, surprised, doesn't respond, they tell him that Erika is the gym leader of Celadon City. Red immediately challenges Erika to a battle, but she tells him that he has to prove himself first by capturing a Pokémon of her choice: Eevee.

Red spends some days searching for information on Eevee but comes up with null. Finally, on the day of the deadline, Bill answers a call and comes to help Red. He tells Red that Eevee is a very rare Pokémon and shows Red a picture of an Eevee. Bill contacts his researcher friends but none can tell him where to find an Eevee.

Meanwhile, in Celadon City, Erika is practicing her archery. An attendant tells Erika that it was dangerous to use a boy like Red to find Eevee. Erika unleashes her Vilplume and takes down a spy Drowzee. She warns her attendant to be more wary, as she was being followed.

Bill finally found someone who has seen an Eevee, in Celadon City, no less. His source says that the Eevee was seen breathing fire. As they wander, Red spots Eevee—but then, before his eyes, it morphs into a different Pokémon and uses an electric-type move to defeat Krabby. But then, the Pokémon returns to the Eevee form.

Deciding that Eevee must be an electric-type, Red sends out his Diglett; however, Eevee changes form again and knocks Diglett out with a water-type attack. The same thing happens when Red sends out his Ivysaur.

Bill comes to the conclusion that Eevee is fire-, electric-, and water-type.

Red notices that before attacking, Eevee's ears would always twitch; he deduces that Eevee is using its ears to sense Red's Pokémon's type and that he needs to cover Eevee's ears. He uses Ivysaur's leaves to do this, and then uses SolarBeam to deal serious damage.

Red and Bill crouch by Eevee's injured body. Bill sees a microchip implanted into Eevee's ear and realizes that somebody has forced the evolution processes onto Eevee.

Red snatches Eevee and sprints to Erika's gym, shouting that nobody knows more about this than the woman who sent him to find Eevee in the first place.

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Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Red
  2. Erika's Tangela
  3. Erika's entourage
  4. Erika
  5. Bill
  6. Various researchers (computer screen)
  7. Erika's attendant
  8. A Drowzee spy
  9. Red's Krabby
  10. A wild Eevee/Jolteon/Vaporeon/Flareon
  11. Red's Diglett and Ivysaur

Locations Visited

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