Chapter 186: VS Breloom is the sixth chapter of the RS Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Wally is shocked to learn that Norman is Ruby's father, but leaves his and Ruby's hiding place in order to speak with Norman—after all, it was Wally who asked Norman to meet him here. Wally asks Norman to teach him to capture a Pokémon but Norman flatly refuses, reminding Wally of his illness and how dangerous Pokémon can be. Listening to this in the bushes, Ruby is enraged, shifting a little and making the slightest noise.

Hearing it, Norman turns and sends out his Slaking, using Swagger to confuse whoever's hiding. Norman walks around, looking, but misses the sight of Ruby hiding beneath a ledge under Norman's very feet. Satisfied that the sound must have been a Pokémon, Norman leaves.

Ruby, who was protected by his Skitty's Safeguard, emerges from his hiding place only to find Wally conscious on the ground. He takes Wally to his home in Petalburg City, where Wally's parents offer Ruby a room for the night.

Ruby is with Wally when Wally awakens. Wally tells Ruby that his parents must have asked Norman to refuse Wally's request. Ruby tells him that parents worry too much and he lends his Ralts to Wally (on the condition that Wally not get Ralts dirty); the two of them sneak out Wally's window and into the wilderness.

Chapter 185

Chapter 187

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Wally
  2. Ruby
  3. Norman and his Vigoroth
  4. A wild Breloom
  5. Norman's Slaking
  6. Ruby's Skitty
  7. Wally's parents
  8. Ruby's Ralts

Locations Visited

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