Chapter 183: Trying to Trounce Torchic is the third chapter of the RS Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the fourth chapter in Volume 15.

Full Summary

The wild girl's Torchic attacks Ruby's Poochyena, burning her fur, to Ruby's horror. From the pokégear, Professor Birch, feeling responsible for getting Ruby into this mess, tells Ruby to have the water-type Mudkip in his bag to fight the fire-type Pokémon. Ruby is reluctant but agrees, and as he and the girl fight, Professor Birch recognizes her voice as that of his daughter, Sapphire. Ruby is relieved to end the battle.

However, Sapphire resumes her battle stance, saying it doesn't matter if he's a friend of her father's: they're about to be attacked. A Seviper appears, and when Sapphire attacks it and asks Ruby for his help, he refuses on the grounds that battling will give his Pokémon ugly muscles, and he wants his Pokémon to compete in contests.

Sapphire handily defeats Seviper. She is scornful to Ruby, saying that contests are shallow and based only on appearances. She hates beautifying Pokémon with unnecessary things, and what is from nature should remain natural. The two begin to insult each other.

Sapphire challenges Ruby to a bet: in 80 days they both will return here, Sapphire with all the badges of Hoenn and Ruby with all the contest ribbons. Ruby agrees.

Right after this, Sapphire passes out from wounds sustained when she was rescuing Ruby from the Mightyena and falling off a cliff. Ruby, feeling responsible, gives her first aid.

As he is leaving, the Seviper rises, intending on ambushing him. However, Ruby whirls around, and moments later the Seviper is again unconscious. Ruby comments that the ability to battle and the willingness to are two very different things and he leaves.

Chapter 182

Chapter 184

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Ruby
  2. Sapphire and her Torchic
  3. Ruby's Poochyena
  4. Professor Birch
  5. Professor Birch's Mudkip and Treecko (both debut)
  6. A wild Seviper

Locations Visited

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