Chapter 182: Making Mirth with Mightyena is the second chapter of the RS Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the third chapter in Volume 15.

Full Summary

On Route 101, Professor Birch observes Pokémon with a pokédex, unaware of two Mightyena creeping closer.

In Littleroot Town, Ruby is unpacking in his room. He opens a birthday present from his father and finds a new pair of shoes, which he promptly throws in the waste basket.

Turning to his Pokémon, Ruby reveals his plan: Pokémon contests are his great passion, so he wants to compete in Hoenn's top-class contests—however, his battle-maniac father disapproves of contests, so Ruby is determined to win all of Hoenn's ribbons to prove himself before Norman can interfere.

Ruby escapes through a window, but not before reluctantly retrieving his birthday shoes and putting them on. On Route 101, he finds Professor Birch being attacked by Mightyena. Ruby, impressed by the Mightyena's glossy fur, tries to convince them to join him. He sends out Poochyena to practice their contest moves, which thoroughly fail at affecting the Mightyena.

Ruby picks up Professor Birch's stuff, including the pokédex, and the two start running away. However, Ruby accidentally activates his Running Shoes and speeds ahead, going off the side of a cliff. He sees a green shape before passing out.

When he wakes, Ruby finds himself alive and unharmed, and decides that the green Pokémon must have rescued him. Professor Birch's pokégear rings. Ruby answers and finds Birch on the other line, relieved to know Ruby is alive. Professor Birch introduces himself and guesses who Ruby is, saying that he had recently helped his friend Norman procure a pair of Running Shoes—which are not yet even on the market—for his son's birthday.

The call is interrupted when Ruby sees the green Pokémon who rescued him. The Pokémon begins to talk, and, freaked out, Ruby has Poochyena attack it. The Pokémon then whips off a veritable bush to reveal a furious girl in a skimpy dress of leaves, calling him ungrateful for attacking her after she'd saved him.

Chapter 181

Chapter 183

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Professor Birch
  2. A wild Wurmple
  3. A wild Electrike, Shroomish, Makuhita, Nincada, two Seedot, two Taillow, and a Slakoth
  4. Two wild Mightyena
  5. A Whismur and Zigzagoon
  6. Ruby's mother
  7. A Machoke
  8. Ruby, his Poochyena, his Ralts, and his Skitty
  9. Sapphire and her Torchic

Locations Visited


  • There is an oblique reference to the flashback in Chapter 252: Professor Birch mentions that he had met Ruby when Ruby was younger

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