Chapter 181: Creeping Past Cacnea is the first chapter of the RS Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the second chapter in Volume 15.

Full Summary

A group of Pokémon attack Norman, but he easily defeats them, impressing his interviewer. The woman reveals that he is the new gym leader of Petalburg City and she asks after his family, whom Norman says are moving from Johto to join him in Hoenn today.

A woman driving a moving van is watching Norman's interview. She calls out to the back, trying to convince her son, Ruby, to watch, but Ruby is busy making hats for his Poochyena, Skitty, and Ralts.

The van suddenly gets mired in mud. The lady calls for Ruby's help, but Ruby refuses on the grounds that he doesn't want to get his Pokémon muddy. Instead, he has Ralts use Confusion to lift the enormous van out of the mud.

Ruby, looking around, says that Hoenn seems beautiful—perfect for his team of intelligent, strong, adorable, cool, and, of course, beautiful Pokémon.

Chapter 180

Chapter 182

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. A Cacnea, Duskull, Volbeat, Wingull, and Beautifly
  2. Norman (debut)
  3. Maryann and Tyler (debut)
  4. Ruby (debut)
  5. Ruby's Ralts, Poochyena, and Skitty (all debut)
  6. Machoke (moving company's?)

Locations Visited

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