Chapter 18: A Tale of Ninetales
Chapter 18



Volume 2

Important Events
  • Blue purchases a Porygon from the Celadon Game Corner
  • Red and Blue switch Pokémon by accident
  • Red and Blue train each other's Pokémon
  • Blue's Machoke evolves into a Machamp
  • Blue snatches Red's Ninetales from him
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Chapter 18: A Tale of Ninetales (also known as VS. Ninetales) is the 18th chapter in the RGB Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.


Blue is seen holding many coins from the Celadon Game Corner, which he intends to exchange for a prize or two. When he tries to exchange coins for a pokemon, he is told that the prize Pokémon are tougher to control than those caught in the wild.

Red is trying to leave Celadon City but crashes into Blue as he is trying to train his defiant Porygon, which he won at the Game Corner. The collision causes them to drop their pokéballs. After Red and Blue pick up their pokéballs, Blue leaves. Suddenly, two women scream because wild Pokémon are pestering them. Red sees this as a golden opportunity to be a hero and tries using Pikachu, only for Blue's Charmeleon to appear instead. Red tries using his other Pokémon, but ends up summoning Blue's Pidgeot, GolduckMachoke, and Scyther.

They say Blue is handsome.

The women turn out to be fans of Blue, and believe that Red is Blue because Red has Blue's Pokémon and pokédex. (They say that he isn't as handsome as they'd heard.) However, Blue's Pokémon refuse to listen to Red, so Red loses to the wild Pokémon.

Later, staggering away, Red recalls how the women called him a fake. With his pride injured, he complains that if he'd had his own Pokémon he would've beaten them. Seeing Blue's Pokémon beginning to train themselves, Red interrupts their training session to invite them for a swim.

Meanwhile, Blue is forcing Ivysaur, Pikachu, and Poliwrath to train using his usual training regimen—much to the trio's chagrin, as they are having a tough time with it.

Three days later, Red has only managed to catch two new Pokémon (a Krabby and a Diglett) and Blue's Pokémon still won't obey him. Red then sees something in the distance: Pikachu and a Ninetales fighting! Blue orders Pikachu to use "Toxic Tail Whip," a move that Red didn't teach Pikachu. Blue shouts that even though Pikachu is electric-type, he can learn moves 

Ninetales escapes from Pikachu and charges toward Red, breathing fire his way. Red sends out Machoke reflexively, making Blue furiously wonder if Red is trying to kill Machoke. As Red and Blue argue about their respective manners of treating Pokémon, Machoke is losing painfully to Ninetales. The tide of the battle turns when Machoke evolves into Machamp, and Red quickly captures Ninetales.

However, Blue snatches Ninetales from Red, claiming that because his Pokémon defeated Ninetales, Ninetales should belong to him. They exchange their Pokémon and go their own ways.

Blue is indignant to discover that Red didn't train his Pokémon like he should have, and that they didn't grow any levels. The only exception to this was Machamp, whose evolution was a mystery to Blue, so he decided to call it merely a coincidence. Blue does notice that there is something different about his Pokémon; their presistent singing and cheerfulness is something of a tip-off…

Red, on the other hand, has a hard time trying to control his Pokémon, as Blue's training has rubbed off on them a little too much.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. People of Celadon City
  2. Blue
  3. Red
  4. Blue's Porygon
  5. Two women and a wild Rhydon, Graveler, and Marowak
  6. Blue's Charmeleon, Pidgeot, Golduck, Machoke, and Scyther
  7. Red's Ivysaur, Pikachu, and Poliwrath
  8. Red's Krabby and Diglett
  9. A wild Ninetales

Locations Visited


  • Red has seen 63 Pokémon and owns 42 species

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