Chapter 17: The Jynx Jinx



Volume 2

Important Events
  • Red tries to tell Green about Mewtwo
  • Green's motives are revealed
  • Red and Green try capturing Mew, but Team Rocket intervenes
  • Green gives Red's badges back and leaves
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Chapter 17: The Jynx Jinx (also known as VS. Jynx) is the 17th chapter in the RGB Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.


At Green's insistence, Red brings her to the Team Rocket Game Corner after they escape from Team Rocket. Considering that Team Rocket has the disc they wanted, Red believes that they should be safe. Green then tells Red that Team Rocket has a fake. She has the real disc, and she intends on capturing Mew before they do.


Mew appears once again

Ditto is sent by Green to pose as Mew to make a diversion, which works splendidly. Green tells Red that Ditto can only pretend to be Mew for so long before Team Rocket discovers that it can't use Mew's powers. Red is then shown a Silph Scope which has been modified to track psychic brainwaves. With it, Mew can be easily found. Green uses it and realizes that there is a psychic-type Pokémon in the southeast.

Red tells Green about a strange "monster" that Team Rocket is developing. Noticing Green's disinterest, Red changes the subject, asking instead why Green is looking for Mew. He is scandalized by Green's answer: for the money. Red snipes that while Team Rocket is trying to make a bio-weapon, Green is concerned with making a fortune by selling Mew as a pet.

Wind suddenly whips around them as Mew appears. Red's Ivysaur snags Mew in its Vine Whip, but Team Rocket arrives, tossing the unconscious Ditto at their feet. Red steps in front of Green and tells her take Mew and run; he doesn't want Team Rocket to get their hands on Mew and finish creating their monster. But Team Rocket's Jynx uses Psywave, attacking all of them. Ivysaur's Vine Whip snaps, sending Mew careening toward Team Rocket and Jynx.

Red sends out Poliwrath to defend Mew, but Mew uses a powerful attack, defeating Team Rocket and fleeing. Red and Green are left behind; Green seems crestfallen that Mew escaped, but then jumps into Red's personal space, showing him a camera and revealing that she can still make a lot of money off the photos she took of it. While Red struggles with speaking past his indignation—she was snapping photos while he was fighting possibly for his life?!—Green takes off on her Jigglypuff, floating away.

Red then discovers a note in his pocket, thanking him. His two badges, the Boulder and Cascade Badges, are attached. Red looks to the sky and thinks that she might not be so bad after all.

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