Chapter 16: Tauros the Tyrant
Chapter 16



Volume 2

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Chapter 16: Tauros the Tyrant (also known as VS. Tauros) is the 16th chapter in the RGB Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.


Red has managed to infiltrate Team Rocket.

After discovering that his Boulder Badge and Cascade Badge are missing, Red realizes that Green has stolen them. While searching for her, he comes across some Rocket grunts hunting Green as well. Realizing that they share the same target, Red knocks out a grunt and steals his uniform.

He follows a group of grunts into the secret lab of the Rocket Game Corner. There he finds a half-formed Pokémon, its grotesque, unnatural form horrifying him. He hears that this "Mewtwo" has been created from the incomplete DNA of Mew. A Rocket grunt suggests capturing Mew, and another exclaims that that is why they need to capture Green: she has stolen a crucial disc of data. Hearing this, Red feels his animosity toward her fade significantly.


An announcement comes on over the loudspeakers, declaring that the thief has been located and all units are to go corner her. Red goes with; the grunts surround her in a great ring, causing Green to snicker that they need so many men to take on one little girl.

Grunts unleash their Pokémon and order her to return their Mew disc. Green pulls out the disc in question, a tease, and tells them that she could give them the disc except that she wants the cute Mew for herself. She lets out her Wartortle, tossing him the disc and alarming Team Rocket and Red. She tells them that by attacking her, they'd damage the disc.

A grunt attacks her with a Machamp, ordering Machamp to avoid hitting the disc. Red is about to shout a warning, but Wartortle dodges Machamp and maneuvers their Hitmonlee so that they accidentally hit each other. Green laughs at them, calling their attempts "cute" and telling them that they should be afraid of a trainer with two badges. She gestures at Red's Boulder and Cascade Badges dangling from her ears as earrings. Red steams.

Frustrated, a grunt sends out his Tauros. Tauros uses its tails' special abilities to coordinate Team Rocket's Pokémon's attacks and they knock out Wartortle, retrieving the Mew disc. Green lets out a Ditto as Tauros charges her; Red jumps in and knocks Green out of Tauros's way, making Tauros, with Ditto on it, run off a small cliff.


Green immediately recognizes Red and teasingly calls him her hero. Red cries that her Pokémon got knocked off the cliff with Tauros.

At that moment, Tauros emerges from the cliff, enraged. To everyone's (but Green's) surprise, "Tauros" uses its tails to incite Team Rocket's Pokémon to attack their trainers. Green then rips off Red's Rocket uniform, revealing his identity. Calling for the grunts to have a nice day, Green drags Red to her Jigglypuff, who puffs up, inflating, and floats into the air.

Looking down, Red sees "Tauros" revert back into Ditto.

On the ground, the grunts' leader grinds his teeth, frustrated that they escaped, but satisfies himself with the recovery of the Mew disc.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Team Rocket grunts
  2. Green (photo, later real)
  3. Red
  4. Green's Wartortle
  5. Mewtwo
  6. Team Rocket scientist(Blaine)
  7. Team Rocket's Rhydon, Hitmonlee, Graveler, and Machamp
  8. Team Rocket's Tauros
  9. Green's Ditto
  10. Green's Jigglypuff

Locations Visited

  • Celadon City
  • Point 16 East (somewhere near or in Celadon City)

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