Chapter 15: Wartortle Wars



Volume 2

Important Events
  • Green debuts
  • Saur evolves into an Ivysaur
  • Green scams Red (Red finds out later on)
  • Professor Oak tells Red that his Squirtle has been stolen
  • Red tracks down Green, who stole his gym badges
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Chapter 15: Wartortle Wars (also known as VS. Wartortle) is the 15th chapter in the RGB Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.


A mysterious girl on a high tower hums to herself as she spies Red through binoculars and gleefully comments on his naiveté.

Red and Bulbasaur defeat a wild Primeape, causing Bulbasaur to evolve into Ivysaur. Red hears applause from behind him; the girl is squealing over Red's strength, exclaiming that he is an awesome trainer. She presses items onto the flattered Red, claiming that they will make his Pokémon stronger. Red tries to shrug them off, but she pauses, suddenly wide-eyed and vulnerable and asking if he doesn't want her items. Red turns bright red and agrees to buy all her items. The girl hugs him, elated, and then rushes off with the money he pays.


Red hurries to try out his new items, commenting that the girl must really have had a crush on him and that she must be very mature to be running her own business. Red quickly discovers that all the items are useless: he was scammed.


Green calls Red a repeat customer.

Depressed, Red goes to the Celadon City Pokémon Center. He holds a videophone conversation with Professor Oak, too embarrassed to tell Oak that he was scammed like a newbie. Oak is very impressed with Ivysaur's evolution, and mentions his stolen Squirtle to Red. The fact that somebody stole Professor Oak's Squirtle and somebody sold fake items to him makes Red realize that there's a lot of bad people in the world.

At that moment, he sees the scammer girl from earlier holding a big sale. She catches sight of Red and flees, realizing that he is a repeat customer. Red gives chase, crying out for the "thief" to stop. She releases a Wartortle mid-stride and they jump into the waterway, surfing away. She waves a cheerful goodbye to Red.

Red sends out Snorlax, blocking the waterway. With no escape available, the girl throws herself at Red, confessing that she had sold him fake items so that he would come find her, allowing her to see him again. Hugging him, her face out of his sight, she winks and sticks out her tongue, dipping her finger on it and using the saliva to fake tears. She pulls back and looks at him with a blushing face and teary eyes.


Red seems completely fooled. He scratches the back of his head and asks her not to cry. She sniffles that she's been such a bad girl…and she's about to get worse. She shoves Red away and her Wartortle attacks with Bubble. However, Red is prepared. He jumps onto Snorlax and tells her he's not so easy to beat, bragging that he has two badges. The girl flees, but Snorlax uses Mega Punch to smash up the sidewalk. The girl and her Wartortle are knocked out.

Red decides to take back his money; he finds a little purse with the name "Green" printed on it. He records Wartortle's data in his pokédex and he discovers that Wartortle is an evolved form of Squirtle. As he walks away, he tells the unconscious girl to stay out of trouble. Unseen by him, the girl smirks.

That night, Red finds out that he's lost his two badges. The girl, far away, chuckles to herself and reveals that when she heard he had two badges, she just couldn't help but help herself to them.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Green
  2. An unconscious wild Primeape
  3. Red
  4. Red's Ivysaur
  5. Red's Pikachu
  6. Pokémon Center Nurse
  7. Professor Oak (videophone)
  8. Green's Wartortle
  9. Red's Snorlax

Locations Visited

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