Chapter 14: That Awful Arbok!
Chapter 14



Volume 1

Important Events
  • Red snaps Blue out of the Gastly's possession
  • Blue defeats Koga (causing Red to secretly admire Blue's skill)

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Chapter 14: That Awful Arbok! (also known as VS. Arbok) is the 14th chapter in the RGB Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the final chapter of Volume 1.


Red, faced against Blue and his Charmeleon in the sinister fog of Lavender Tower, deduces from the empty state of Blue's eyes that he is also being controlled. Charmeleon leaps forward and Bulbasaur blocks him with Vine Whip.

Red figures out that the being controlling Blue is a Gastly, as that is the only Pokémon Red knows that can possess people. He sees it and orders a Razor Leaf, but the leaves pass right through the Gastly.


Koga introduces himself.

Bulbasaur uses SolarBeam to blast Gastly out of the tower, therefore freeing Blue and Charmeleon from its influence. Blue is far from grateful, but Red is relieved to see that Blue is his usual "grumpy self." Blue is furious and on the prowl for revenge, not against Red, but against the person who did that to him. Red follows him through the tower, complaining about everything he did for Blue.

Red steps in sentient goo, but Blue dashes in and saves him, yanking him away. Red sees Koga, whom he recognizes from Mt. Moon, and Koga introduces himself dramatically and reveals that Lavender Tower is Team Rocket's base, as the locals blamed anything strange on the ghosts.

Blue and his Charmeleon attack Koga but discover that he is a projection. Koga's Arbok spits out sludge at them. They flee with Arbok in hot pursuit. Blue, realizing that Koga is controlling Arbok from a distance, has Charmeleon use Reflect.

Hovering outside the tower on his Golbat, Koga is seeing through some sort of two-way mirror. He orders Arbok to use Acid to break Reflect and badly injure Charmeleon—or so he thought. Arbok's Acid actually melted the undead Psyduck, allowing Charmeleon to leap out and cut Arbok in two. Blue remarks that if Koga had been there in person, he would never have fallen for that.

Frustrated, Koga clenches his seeing device so tightly it cracks. He growls that the boss is going to hear about this.

Mr. Fuji thanks Red for breathing new life into Lavender Town; the residents can be seen with each other, talking and laughing, very different from the previous chapter.

Red tells him that he should thank Blue, not Red. Blue is already walking away, hands in his pockets. Red looks after him, sighs, and then takes off to resume his journey with his Pokémon.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Blue and his Charmeleon
  2. Red and his Bulbasaur
  3. A wild Gastly
  4. Koga
  5. Koga's Arbok
  6. Mr. Fuji
  7. Residents of Lavender Town

Locations Visited

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