Chapter 13: Sigh for Psyduck



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Chapter 13: Sigh for Psyduck (also known as VS. Psyduck) is the 13th chapter in the RGB Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.


In the middle of a rainstorm, Red and his Pokémon dash through northern Lavender Town to find somewhere dry. Red tries to find someone to help him but is brushed off by everybody. Just as Red is sulking over the locals' apparent rudeness, an old man appears behind Red, telling him that the locals are merely superstitious.

Red realizes that he is in a graveyard, where the man, Mr. Fuji, is visiting the grave of his Doduo. Mr. Fuji brings Red back to his house, where he tells Red that Lavender Tower is a memorial to dead Pokémon. Red inquires why Mr. Fuji's Doduo isn't buried there and Mr. Fuji explains that the Tower is inhabited by ghosts, so nobody goes there anymore. Red and his Pokémon simply laugh at what was said, but Mr. Fuji explains that this superstition is why many of the citizens were untrusting toward Red earlier in the chapter.

Red finds a photograph of Mr. Fuji, his Doduo, and Blue. Mr. Fuji explains that Blue had gone into the tower two weeks ago and hadn't come back, just like everyone else who had entered it before him. Red then takes it upon himself to find his missing rival.

Sometime after he arrives, Red spots a Psyduck. However, upon closer inspection, the Psyduck, along with a few other Pokémon, turns out to be undead! Bulbasaur disposes of the walking carcass with a Vine Whip attack, Red and company manage to quickly run to the exit, attempting to escape the fog that shrouds the zombies. Then Red notices something: the undead Pokémon would not leave the fog. Red then comes to the conclusion that the fog is controlling the undead Pokémon.

Suddenly, a blast of fire comes Red's way, but Red avoids the blaze. Red sees a silhouette, and knows immediately that it is Blue and his Charmeleon. Unfortunately, Red soon discovers a very disturbing truth: Blue is not himself at all, and the undead Pokemon seem to be standing by his side...

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Red
  2. Red's Poliwrath, Bulbasaur, and Pikachu
  3. Various residents of Lavender Town
  4. Mr. Fuji and a photo of his deceased Doduo
  5. Imagined ghost
  6. Blue
  7. Undead Psyduck, undead Slowpoke, undead Slowbro, undead Lickitung, undead Tangela, and countless other zombies
  8. Blue's Charmeleon

Locations Visited

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