Chapter 12: Wake Up-- You're Snorlax!
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Chapter 12: Wake Up-- You're Snorlax! (also known as VS. Snorlax) is the 12th chapter in the RGB Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.


Red takes part in a 10km bicycle race in order to win the first prize. At the beginning, he is left behind, complaining about borrowing a bike from the PokéFan Club, but after a while, he sees that everyone has stopped in front of a narrow bridge, over a river full of Tentacruel.

Red complains that it's not fair, but then another competitor says that he can use Pokémon in this race. So, Red uses Poliwrath's Ice Beam to cross the river and takes the lead.

Eventually, he reaches a forest full of bug Pokémon, which everyone goes around. Red decides to cut through it, using Pikachu's electric moves to keep the bugs away and Bulbasaur to cut through the foliage. However, Bulbasaur cuts a Beedrill hive, causing the Beedrill to chase them.


Snorlax blocks the way

They get out of the forest, badly stung by the Beedrill, but they're in third place. He finds the two leading racers, who have stopped because a Snorlax is blocking the road. Red attempts to use his Pokémon to move the Snorlax, but to no avail. Red finds out that the Snorlax will only use Rest if it is ever damaged.

Then Red gets an idea: he would the use the tempting honey that Saur is covered with to lure Snorlax off the track. His plan works—though Snorlax now thunders after Bulbasaur and Red in pursuit. The Snorlax manages to chase Red to the finish line.

Sadly for Red, however, he is forced to spend all his winnings (10,000 pokédollars) to feed the very Snorlax who caused him so much trouble.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Red
  2. Red's Pika, Saur, and Poli
  3. Racers
  4. Bug catcher
  5. Swimmer
  6. Race announcer
  7. Lax (debut)

Locations Visited

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