Chapter 10: Danger: High Voltorb



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Chapter 10: Danger: High Voltorb (also known as VS. Voltorb) is the 10th chapter in the RGB Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.


Red arrives in Vermillion City and sees the S.S. Anne in the distance. He decides to go and check the ship. He has fun sneaking around but catches sight of a hidden Pokémon. He is then discovered by sailors and kicked off the ship.

Afterwards, a bizarre gentleman asks Red to show him his Pokémon . The man pounces on him and opens the pokeballs. He is very impressed and declares Red an honorary member of his PokéFan Club, dragging Red to their headquarters in Vermillion City. The Pokémon Fan Club love Red's Pokémon but are horrified when they hear that he battles with them.

Later on, Red hears that someone has been stealing Pokémon every month. This angers him, so he decides to help out. Catching sight of the S.S. Anne out of the window, he asks about it and learns that the S.S. Anne is being used by Vermillion's gym leader, Lt. Surge, to transport materials to Cinnabar Island. Wondering what "materials" a gym leader would need a ship that big to transport, and remembering the strange Pokémon he'd seen onboard, Red deduces the S.S. Anne could be delivering the stolen Pokémon.


"Tell me everything you know about this Pokémon thief!"

Red and his Pokémon leave to board the S.S. Anne, but they leave Pikachu behind for the President to cuddle with.


Red meets the Vermillion City gym leader

They swim out to the S.S. Anne and Bulbasaur uses his vines to lift Red onboard. He finds a Voltorb (which he thought was a Pokéball) and fights it. After winning the battle, Poliwhirl suddenly falls down. Lt. Surge arrives, explaining that Poliwhirl is paralyzed. He uses his Pokémon to surround Red, saying that stowaways are dealt with harshly.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Red
  2. Red's Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Poliwhirl
  3. Random sailors on the S.S. Anne
  4. President of the PokéFan Club (debut)
  5. Various PokéFan Club members
  6. A wild Voltorb
  7. Lt. Surge (debut)

Locations Visited

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