Chapter 1: Glimpse of the Glow



Volume 1

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Chapter 1: Glimpse of the Glow (also known as VS. Mew) is the 1st chapter in the RGB Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokemon Adventures.



How to catch a Pokémon

In Pallet Town, children are gathered around a wild Nidorino, trying in vain to capture it. Red appears and explains that in order to capture a Pokémon, they must weaken it first in a battle. Red calls out his Poliwhirl and gives him the command to attack the Nidorino with Water Gun. The children stare in awe and remark that Nidorino looks dizzy. Red goes on to throw a pokéball at the weakened Pokémon, captures it with ease, and is greeted by the cheers and compliments of the surrounding children. 

As Red and the children walk back, one of the boys asks Red if he knows who Professor Oak is, to which Red asks whether they are referring to the old man who lives at the town's edge. The children go on to explain that he's a huge expert on Pokémon and that they hope he'd show them how to capture more Pokémon, to which Red scoffs that they don't need the Professor and that he'd teach them everything that they'd ever want to know. The children go on to remark sheepishly that the professor had taught his grandson to be one of the greatest trainers ever and that he'd 
just come back from an overseas trip studying Pokémon. Red replies that he'd just have beat him and bids the children farewell.

He wanders along the side of the road, thinking about Professor Oak when he accidentally bumps into a tall man dressed in black, who snarls angrily at Red to watch where he's going. Red stares back, shellshocked, but as the man walks away, he wonders where they came from until he notices the pokéballs attacked to their belts and assumes that they must be Pokémon trainers.

In a knot of other men dressed in dark clothes, they argue among themselves about where to find the Phantom Pokémon. They shout about it hiding in the tall grass and to not rest until they found it, racing off to the Western Forest. Red, who had hidden himself behind a tree, has overheard their entire conversation and remarks to himself that he'd never heard of their "Phantom Pokémon". Dropping to his knees, he smirks and thanks them for telling him about it. He races off to the Western Forest, shouting about how he'd capture their "Phantom Pokémon."

In the Western Forest, Red walks quietly, his arms full of pokéballs, snickering that the men he'd seen earlier weren't there yet and that he'd have the first shot at it. In a clearing, he notices a boy with a Charmander battling with a mysterious, glowing pokemon that he'd never seen before. Standing the bushes, Red cheers for Charmander, only to see Charmander's trainer call the Pokémon back, saying that he'd had enough.

Red comes storming out of the bushes, demanding what he was doing and that he'd almost beaten his opponent, to which the trainer says nothing. Frustrated, Red calls out Poliwhirl and gives the command for him to use Water Gun. The mysterious Pokémon reflects the Water Gun and knocks Poliwhirl out, much to Red's surprise and dismay, before it shoots quickly between Red and Poliwhirl and vanishes.

Red, on his knees, desperately tries to revive his Poliwhirl before asking the other trainer whether he'd seen how powerful the mysterious Pokémon had been. The trainer replies that while he'd been battling it, he'd been able to tell that it was stronger than him and Charmander by a lot and explained that was why he'd called Charmander back. Before he walks away, he tells Red to always be aware of what his limitations were, otherwise he'd just be beating himself. He then walks away, leaving Red still in shock at his loss.

As he kneels by Poliwhirl, the group of men dressed in black rush onto the field. The one who Red had bumped into remembers him and demands to know what he'd done in the field. Red doesn't look up. He's told off by one of his other group members and they rush off, leaving Red alone again.

Back in Pallet Town, Red stands outside Professor Oak's laboratory. He mumbles to himself that everyone had just told him that he was an old nut and he'd intended to stay away. He stares for a moment at Poliwhirl's pokéball with an unconscious Poliwhirl inside. Red goes on, saying that if he ever wanted to be a great Pokémon trainer, he'd need the professor's advice, and reaches for the doorbell.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Wild Nidorino
  2. Pallet Town Children
  3. Red
  4. Poli
  5. Rocket Grunts
  6. Blue
  7. Charmander
  8. Mew

Locations Visited


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