Captain Stern
Japanese Name:

クスノキ館長 Captain Kusunoki




Slateport City


Tuga, Maryann and Tyler, Wallace


Ocean researcher, museum curator


Chapter 200

Captain Stern is the curator of Oceanic Museum and the designer of the Kaien I, a submarine. He specializes in oceanic research and exploration. He lives in Slateport City.


Captain Stern debuts in Chapter 200.

Captain Stern is in charge of the construction of the Kaien I, a submarine that Team Magma desires. They decide to kidnap him and succeed, though they also kidnap his friend, named Tuga, along with Ruby and the President of the PokéFan Club in the process.

He and the others are taken to the Slateport City Boathouse, where the Kaien I is kept.[1] Ruby and the President, both unconscious, are locked away, but Captain Stern and Tuga are interrogated by Mack, a Team Magma admin. Captain Stern tries not to tell Mack anything about the Kaien I, even after Mack chokes him, so Mack has his Slugma burn Tuga. This convinces Captain Stern to tell Mack that the Kaien I is missing a crucial component, which is currently in the hands of the Devon Corporation.

After confessing this, Captain Stern asks that Mack let Tuga go; however, Mack gets angry and tells Captain Stern that he is not in control here. Mack makes to throw Captain Stern in with Ruby and the President only to discover that the two have been eavesdropping the whole time. Captain Stern watches as Ruby, pleading with Mack to let him go, lures Slugma and Mack into the Kaien I.[2]

Captain Stern is interviewed about the attack. Afterwards, he is pulled aside by Maryann and told that the Devon President had been attacked, which was why Stern had not yet received the machine part he'd ordered for the Kaien I. Norman horns in on their conversation, searching for information about Ruby.[3]


He seems virtuous and loyal, at first refusing to tell Team Magma anything about the Kaien I, even after being hurt, and only cracking after they hurt his friend.[4]


None Known



Captain Stern are friends and business associates. Captain Stern seems quite fond of him, as he surrendered crucial information to Team Magma after they injure Tuga.



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