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Nacrene City


Insect Badge


Unova Gym Leaders


Gym Leader


Chapter 475

Burgh is the gym leader of the Insect Badge in Castelia City. He specializes in bug-type Pokémon.


Burgh debuts in the fifteenth chapter of the BW Arc.

While in artist's block in Nacrene City, Burgh receives a call from Lenora, requesting his assistance in retrieving some items stolen from her museum. He agrees, finding Black and attracting his attention by having Whirlipede attack him. Burgh is impressed by the extent of Black's knowledge about his Pokémon.

They are attacked by the seemingly animate stolen skeleton, which pounces on Burgh (manhandling him), grabbing him in its talons (and giving him inspiration). Black uses Burgh's Whirlipede to find the Cofagrigus controlling the skeleton. Seeing that the Cofafrigus is trying to retreat, Burgh orders Whirlipede to use Pursuit on it, knockng it out and freeing Burgh from the skeleton's grip.

After Team Plasma is defeated, Burgh realizes that Black used Burgh's help so that he didn't have to reveal his strategies to Burgh, admitting that he knew from the start that Burgh is the gym leader of Castelia. Burgh is amused at the deception and vows not to go easy on Black during their gym battle. He also thinks of Gorm's words about heroes, perhaps making the connection to Reshiram and Zekrom[1]

Using the inspiration he gained in Nacrene, Burgh makes a new masterpiece, pulling out of his slump; however, when he asks Iris for her honest opinion, he is devastated by her frank criticism. Iris cheers him up when she asks him if he's wearing a new honey-scented cologne. Burgh happily tells her that no, he just redesigned his gym with a honey maze.

Burgh, remembering Black's appointment for a battle, goes to the gym. He is impressed at Black's research and wonders if something is wrong with Black. He sends out Whirlipede, who poisons Braviary before Burgh returns him; Burgh's Dwebble proceeds to knock Braviary out with Smack Down. Burgh returns Dwebble and sends Leavanny out against Black's Galvantula, using Leavanny's superior silk to defeat Galvantula, but Galvantula poisons Leavanny. It's down to Dwebble versus Tepig, and Dwebble's Smack Down is about to knock out Tepig when he evolves, defeating Dwebble.

Burgh goes with Iris and Black to find the people who attacked Bianca. He is deeply offended when he finds out that Team Plasma has been using the building across from his gym as their Castelia base.[2]

He later attends a gym leader meeting in Celestial Tower to discuss Team Plasma.




  • Debuts in the eighteenth chapter of the BW Arc

Burgh sends Dwebble out against Black's Braviary, using Smack Down to knock it out.

Known Moves:

  • Smack Down


  • Debuts in the nineteenth chapter of the BW Arc

Leavanny defeats Black's Galvantula but faints after Galvantula poisons it.


  • Debuts the fifteenth chapter of the BW Arc

Burgh uses Whirlipede to catch Black's attention in Nacrene City, to lure Gorm out of hiding, and to defeat Gorm's Cofagrigus. During his gym battle against Black, Whirlipede comes up against Black's Braviary, so Burgh returns it—but not until Whirlipede secretly poisons Braviary.

Known Moves:


  • Debuts in the eighteenth chapter of the BW Arc



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