Species: Tepig→Pignite→Emboar
Gender: Male
Current Trainer:


Past Trainer(s):

Professor Juniper




Chapter 2


Chapter 1

Buoh is Black's Emboar, whom he received from Professor Juniper.


Tepig ("Tep")

He is under Professor Juniper's care; the night before she gives him away, he roasts some berries for himself and injures Snivy in the process. The two smack Oshawott away when Oshawott tries to break up the fight, causing Oshawott to turn on them and kick butt.

They upend some crockery, shattering and calling Juniper's attention. She notices that Tepig has a bit of a cold. She returns them to their pokéballs, worrying that perhaps they are not yet ready to be in the care of trainers.[1]

The next day, Black accidentally lets the three out of their pokéballs. Tepig has some mucus in his snout, clearly sick. They immediately begin quarreling, and after receiving a hard blow from Oshawott, Tepig runs off, upset and feeling as if the other two ganged up on him.

Black gives chase, following Tepig high up into a tree. After hearing Black declare that he likes him and wants to choose him, Tepig turns to jump happily into him, but is bombarded with invisible attacks. The branch under him breaks but, displaying quick reflexes, he maneuvers himself so that he hops down branch by branch, knocking out the attacking Sewaddle on the way.[2]

He goes with Black to the library, where Black looks for information on his powerful evolved forms in order to find a good nickname for him. Upon hearing this, Tepig runs off, ducking into a cave. Black follows him, and his comment that Tepig likes to sulk makes Tepig shout loudly, startling the wild Pokémon of the cave—just as Black had warned him it would. Tepig wants an opponent to fight and prove himself against.

Tepig is losing until Black passes the clue that his opponent is a Woobat, making Tepig realize he can plug its nose with a rock and knock it out. Having proved that he is strong even without evolution, Black nicknames him "Tep." They take off for Striaton City.[3]

Tep participates in the battle against Hiker Andy. The heat of his flames causes Andy to freak out and have an episode.[4]

Tep is standing with Black, making their vows, when he sees Gigi in White's pokéball. Tep runs over and releases her and they touch noses, already friends. Tep battles against Tula until Black captures him.[5]

Tep acts in a commercial with Gigi. Their performance is well-received by audiences and there are more requests from producers to use the Tepig pair. Tep sleeps in a high-class hotel in Accumula Town with Gigi while Black and White camp out on the yard outside.[6]

Tep is on Black's shoulder when he dashes off to confront Ghetsis; however, they lose track of Ghetsis, and White takes Tep with her to receive a business call concerning another role for Tep and Gigi. Due to the delay of chasing Ghetsis, the role has been snatched by someone else, and White returns Tep to Black in time for Tep to participate in the tail-end of Black and N's battle. Tep defeats N's Tympole and tells N something (presumably that Black is his friend and he enjoys traveling with Black) that causes N to comment that he never thought he'd find a Pokémon who says such strange things, and that he has found another unsolvable formula.[7]

At Striaton gym, Tep is out of his pokéball with Gigi while Black and White argue. When Bianca steps on the wrong answer to the gym puzzle, Tep grabs her bag and drags her off. This causes Bianca to send out Oshawott, and the two Pokémon begin a brawl. Snivy quickly joins in.

They stop when the Striaton gym leaders contact their trainers. Black has Tep use Ember on Oshawott to demonstrate to Bianca the ineffectiveness of fire-type moves against water-type Pokémon. After that, Tep, Oshawott, and Snivy begin to cooperate.[8]

Tep fights against the gym leaders' Pokémon and is the last of the Nuvema team standing until Panpour deals him a punishing blow. However, Tep and the other starters eat some of Pansage's leaves and regain health, winning the battle.[9]

Tep defeats a wild Liepard. He is later sent out against Team Plasma's Watchog.[10]

Pignite ("Nite")

Tep evolves into Pignite sometime before Black arrives in Nimbasa City and after his battle with Lenora in Nacrene City.

Nite evolves during the battle against the Shadow Triad's Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus in Nacrene City.

Emboar ("Buoh")

Koro r2 c1BlackBuoh
Buoh defeats Brycen's Cryogonal. He later fights with White's Serperior and Cedric Juniper's Samurott against N's Zorua and Tepig.


Known Moves

  • Ember[11]
  • Flame Charge
  • Rock Smash[12]
  • Bulldoze
  • Fire Pledge
  • Heat Crash



  • Buoh's nickname changes with his evolution; eg, as a Tepig, Black called him "Tep" (Japanese: Poka), as a Pignite he was "Nite" (Japanese: Chao), and as an Emboar "Buoh"


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