Brock is the gym leader of Pewter City. He hands out the Boulder Badge to those who defeat him in Pokemon Battles.


Brock debuts in Chapter 5.


Brock's gym is like a boxer's ring and tournament, where he battles only worthy opponents. He is impressed as he sees Red blow his way easily through the preliminaries with his Bulbasaur and Poliwhirl. However, when Brock faces Red himself, he sees that Red has instead sent out a very mutinous Pikachu. Brock sends out his Onix and uses Rock Throw, provoking Pikachu into attacking Red. Brock, offended, cries that Red's previous victories were flukes and has Onix surge towards Pikachu with Skull Bash. But Red dives in, saving Pikachu and befriending him that instant. Onix uses Skull Bash again but Pikachu knocks it out with an electric attack, earning Red the Boulder Badge.

Brock later blocks off an exit of Saffron City, helping prevent Team Rocket's escape.[1]

Yellow Arc

Brock gives Yellow his Graveler. He then proceeds to search for Red in the vicinity of Mount Moon. Later, he finds Red's ice statue and contacts Blaine and Yellow about it. Misty cuts into the signal in the middle of the conversation, and claims that Pewter, Cerulean, and Celadon City is being attacked by the forces of the Elite Four. Brock rushes back to the city to fight them off.


Brock competes in the tournament between Johto and Kanto Gym Leaders, where he loses to Jasmine.


Geodude (x6)






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