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Brawly's Pokémon are all fighting-types.


The author describes him: "Hariyama is entirely covered with well-trained muscles. It does not fear any enemy!"


Makuhita debuts in Chapter 193.

Brawly takes Makuhita surfing with him in order to teach him the Ju style of fighting. Makuhita has gathered plenty of energy within it, enough that upon command during Brawly's battle against Sapphire, Makuhita evolves into Hariyama.[1] Despite this, Hariyama still loses.[2]

During Brawly and Roxanne's battle against Groudon, Brawly sends Hariyama out to use Smelling Salt on Machoke, reviving him.[3]

Brawly sends him out again in the battle against Mack, utilizing Go rather than Ju to combat Mack's illusions.[4]

Known Moves



Macop appears briefly in battle against Sapphire's Combusken but is quickly returned.[8] Machop evolves into Machoke some time before the gym leaders' meeting in Fortree City.[9]

Brawly later sends Machoke out to fight against Groudon.

Machoke is knocked out, but Brawly's Hariyama revives him with Smelling Salt.[10] After being brought to Lilycove by Mack, Brawly uses Machoke against Mack's Slugma. Brawly and Machoke are tricked with illusions, and Machoke is terrified when a painting seems to come to life behind them, making Machoke run and panic.[11]

Known Moves


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