Brawly is the gym leader of Dewford. He specializes in fighting-type Pokémon. His badge is the Knuckle Badge.


Brawly debuts in Chapter 193.

Brawly is first seen surfing with his Makuhita on the crest of a wave caused by Sapphire's Wailord's sneeze. Sapphire hurries to apologize to him but Brawly is cool with it, saying that it was a wave perfect to surf on. When she asks why he's teaching his Makuhita to surf, Brawly explains that it is training so that Makuhita can practice Ju. Brawly separates fighting into two categories: Go and Ju.


Go (left) Ju (right)

Go is the battle style where you use the energies of your body to fight.

Ju is the battle style where you use the energy of the battle to fight.

Brawly, surmising that Sapphire is a trainer here to challenge him, tells her that he has been planning a training trip for a while and won't be back for a few days. If she wants to catch him before he leaves, she'll have to challenge him early the next morning.

Brawly is waiting when Sapphire arrives. They go right into battle, Brawly sending out a Machop and Sapphire her newly-evolved Combusken. Brawly is forced to return Machop after Combusken unleashes a series of quick attacks on it. Brawly sends out Makuhita, who neatly dodges Lairon's attacks using the strategy of Ju, as well as nearly knocking Lairon out before Sapphire returns him.
Makuhita similarly resists Combusken's attacks, his Thick Fat rendering Flamethrower useless and his Ju skill sending Combusken flying into a wall. Sapphire compliments Brawly on his mastery of Ju, causing him to blush, and she goes on to explain her perception of Ju. Now Brawly praises her, telling her that is a perfect answer, and at that moment, Makuhita uses its accumulated energy to evolve into Hariyama.[1]

Hariyama and Combusken meet in a final blow, seemingly an easy win for Hariyama—until Hariyama collapses, just as Sapphire tells Brawly he hasn't won. Brawly listens to her strategy and then asks how she could have known that his Makuhita would evolve; he is sheepish as she responds that his insistence that she battle him tonight tipped her off. Brawly gives her the Knuckle Badge, confessing that he hadn't expected to lose; he looks on with a resigned sort of admiration as she pins on her new badge.

A sudden rumble brings both trainers outside the gym, where they realize the sound is coming from Granite Cave. Brawly stops her, warning her that it's very dangerous, but upon hearing she has a friend in Granite Cave, he lets her go, remembering his own attachment to Bruno. When Sapphire, flustered, says the guy is not a "friend," he tells her she doesn't have to be embarrassed about it.

He lets her go to Granite Cave.[2]

Presumably, the next morning he leaves on his expedition.

Volume 18

He attends the gym leaders' meeting in Fortree City, where he sides with Team Aqua.[3]

Volume 19

He and Roxanne are upset that Winona took unilateral action in inviting Sapphire to fight alongside them.[4] They later watch in disapproval as Winona awards Sapphire the Feather Badge after a training battle.[5]

The Hoenn Director sends Brawly and Roxanne to fight Groudon, but they do badly against it.[6]

Volume 20

Wallace arrives to help in the battle against Groudon, but the Magma admins kidnap the three gym leaders to stop them from hindering Groudon.[7] Brawly is taken by Mack to the Lilycove Museum, where his Machoke fares badly against Mack's Slugma's illusions. Brawly is forced to switched his style from Ju to Go, using Hariyama to attack with sheer force.[8]

Volume 21

When Mack, exhausted, leaves, he comments that Brawly has been his most worthy opponent. Brawly, though victorious, is too tired to do anything except collapse.[9]

Volume 22

Brawly is seen, perfectly fine, on the Pokémon Association's Airship HQ ("Bachoon") at the end, and is seen again hanging out with Roxanne.[10]


Brawly seems easygoing. Sapphire has called him "tight-mouthed."[11]

The author describes him: "With the 'Secret of Ju,' he has a unique way of battling. Although he may appear to be happy-go-lucky, his prowess cannot be denied. There is no mistake that he will display the results of his training the next time he appears…!"[12]



Makuhita debuts in Chapter 193, where he and Brawly were surfing until Sapphire approached them. Brawly takes Makuhita surfing with him, in order to teach him the Ju style of fighting. Makuhita has gathered plenty of energy within it, enough that upon command during Brawly's battle against Sapphire, Makuhita evolves into Hariyama. Despite this, Hariyama still loses.

The author describes him: "Hariyama is entirely covered with well-trained muscles. It does not fear any enemy!"[13]


Macop appears briefly in battle against Sapphire's Combusken but is quickly returned. Machop evolves into Machoke some time before the gym leaders' meeting in Fortree City.



Brawly and Bruno trained together, Brawly mastering "Ju" and Bruno mastering "Go." Brawly has said he will do anything for Bruno.


  • Brawly is somewhat of a counterpart to Crasher Wake: Brawly is a fighting-type expert who enjoys surfing, while Crusher Wake is a water-type expert who enjoys wrestling
  • Brawly used to train with Bruno, and is good friends with him
  • Chuck and Maylene are also fighting-type gym leaders


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