Species: Rufflet→Braviary
Gender: Male
Current Trainer:


Past Trainer(s):


Brav is Black's Braviary, whom he has lent to White.


Black first met Brav as a Rufflet, when he attacked Black's friend, Bianca, because Bianca had stepped on Brav's berry. Black is impressed by Brav's power and speed and later comes back with pokéballs to challenge and capture Brav. With Musha's help, Black succeeds, and Brav joins him.


Lenora's Stoutland forces Brav out of his pokéball by using Roar. Brav takes a lot of damage from Stoutland's Ice Fang, almost fainting, before using Whirlwind to force out Lenora's Patrat, whom he knocks out quickly with Air Slash.[1]

Black uses Brav against Geoff's Cinccino. Brav also battles Burgh's Whirlipede, who poisons him.

Brav is currently in White's possession while she participates in the Battle Subway.


Brav is very fierce.

Known Moves



  • In the Japanese version, Brav's nickname is War, sinace Braviary is called Wargle in Japanese.


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