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Blue Oak
Japanese Name:

オーキド・グリーン Ōkido Green




11 (RGB), 13 (Yellow), 14 (GSC), 16 (FRLG, Emerald), 19 (HGSS)


November 22

Blood Type:



Daisy Oak (sister), Professor Oak (grandfather)


Pallet Town


Earth Badge


Red, Green, Yellow, Chuck,Ocean


Gym leader, trainer


Chapter 1

Blue Oak (オーキド・グリーン Ōkido Green) is a main character of the Pokemon Adventures: Red, Green, Blue Arc. He is the arch-rival and later best friend of Red. He is the grandson of Professor Oak and the brother of Daisy. Blue is widely considered the second strongest pokemon trainer in the world, coming after only his rival, Red.


Green s a slightly muscular man or average height , slightly taller than his rival Red, with light brown extremely spiky hair and green eyes. In the RGB, Yellow, and GSC arcs, he wore a light purple long sleeved short, black pants, a protective pendant given to him by his grandfather. In addition, during the Yellow arc, he wore a long brown and gray cloak. During the FRLG and Emerald arc, he wore a collered black shirt, purple cargo pants, a light gray bag around his waist, purple sweatbands, and black shoes.



Blue is first seen by Red when he was battling a Mew with his Charmander, only to recall it after he thought it was too strong for him.

Blue is seen again in Pewter City's gym, where he challenges Red to earn the Boulder Badge.[1]

Blue arrives in Lavender Town and meets Mr. Fuji and his Doduo. Hearing ghost stories about Lavender Tower from Mr. Fuji, Blue goes there, where he is confronted by Koga and possessed by a Gastly. Blue attacks Red, who has come to investigate the tower as well, but Red frees Blue from Gastly's control. Blue goes looking for Koga and then defeats Koga's Arbok by taking advantage of Koga's absence—Koga is commanding his Pokémon from afar—to feign injury and then ambush. Charmeleon successfully cuts Koga's Arbok in half.

Blue leaves Lavender Town before anyone could thank him for ridding Lavender Tower of Team Rocket.[2]

Blue obtains a Porygon at the Celadon Game Corner but finds it difficult to control. He bumps into Red, unintentionally getting their pokéballs mixed together, and they both accidentally take each other's Pokémon and pokédexes. After realizing their mistake, Blue decides to train Red's Pokémon for him, giving them a soldier mentality. He teaches Pikachu "Toxic Tail Whip," which he uses against a Ninetales. Red interrupts at that point, and they argue while Blue's Machoke fights Ninetales and evolves into Machamp. Red captures the weakened Ninetales but Blue takes it from it, claiming that since it was Blue's Pokémon who defeated Ninetales, Ninetales should be Blue's.

After they part, Blue is bemused to find his Pokémon are much more lighthearted than before they had been with Red…

At some point, Charmeleon evolves into Charizard.

Blue tries to get into Saffron City, only to be refused entrance by Saffron's gate guard. He decides to fly in on Charizard but finds a psychic barrier in place, surrounding the entire city. While in the air, he meets Green, who is wearing her bizarre Silph Scope binoculars. He clearly thinks she is a weirdo and declines her offer to team up, calling her "pesky" and flying off to ask his grandfather for advice.

When he arrives in Pallet Town, he finds Red and no Professor Oak; Oak, and all of the residents of Pallet Town, have been kidnapped by Team Rocket. Sabrina, an admin of Team Rocket, has challenged Red to go to Saffron City and get them back.

Blue and Red get into an argument: Blue wants Red to stop interfering and let Blue deal with Team Rocket. He scornfully asks Red if he'd ever considered why Professor Oak had built his laboratory in a remote place like Pallet Town. When Red is silent, Blue explains that the people of Pallet Town truly live together peacefully with Pokémon, and if Team Rocket wants to mess with that, or mess with Professor Oak, they have to deal with Blue first because Pallet Town is Blue's.

Without waiting for Red, Blue takes off for Saffron.

At Saffron, Blue and Red fruitlessly bombard the psychic barrier with attacks. Blue decides to check out the middle, where he encounters Red. The two argue and then separate, unaware of Green's watchful eyes. Blue changes tactics; instead of physically attacking the barrier, he sends out Golduck, using Confusion to project an image of the barrier's creator onto his pokédex. He discovers that the barrier is maintained by a Mr. Mime.

Wondering what to do now that he knows, Blue listens when Green tells him and Red to work together. His Golduck shows Red's Pikachu, who has managed to get inside the barrier through a clever use of Substitute, where Mr. Mime is. Blue and Red rush into the city as soon as the barrier falls, Red calling for Blue to wait up.

They enter the Silph Co. building, where Team Rocket has their headquarters. Immediately Red falls through a hidden trapdoor and Koga appears behind Blue; Blue greets him with an attack from Scyther. Koga defeats Blue and uses his Golbat's special mirror abilities to scry Red, showing Blue how Red is suffering at the cruel hands of Lt. Surge. Blue feels for Red but is helpless to do anything. Koga offers Blue an ultimatum: either help Team Rocket convince Professor Oak to cooperate with them on their vile projects, or die.

Blue declares that he chooses neither, and the battle continues. Unfortunately, Koga hits Blue dead in the heart with a Razor Wind attack.[3] However, Blue's special pendant—a gift from his grandfather—reflected the attack, saving Blue's life. Blue, however, feigns death to get under Koga's guard.[4]

Unaware of this, Red arrives just as Koga prepares to behead Blue.[5] Blue uses Red's distraction to unleash Pidgeot, who rams into Koga. A battle ensues, and when the wall is partially broken under the force of an attack, Blue takes the chance to slip Charizard outside, ready for a sneak attack or something.

Koga uses Articuno to freeze Blue and Red solid. Thinking them as good as dead, Koga turns his back; Charizard takes that moment to use his flames to melt Red and Blue, enabling them to ambush Koga and knock him out.

They hear a girl scream and decide to part again. Blue gives Red the Soul Badge he'd taken from Koga's body. Blue then uses Koga's Golbat to scry for Professor Oak, locating him in the basement. As he leaves Red, Blue says that he hopes they will see each other again soon.[6]

Blue finds Professor Oak on a basement floor. He unties his grandfather, and Oak tells Blue that the other residents of Pallet Town are on a basement floor below them, B2. They leave the room, Oak telling Blue that Team Rocket had wanted him to work on a terrible project abandoned by their previous scientist.[7] Blue joins Red and Green in the battle against Zapmolcuno and Charizard teams up with Blastoise and Venusaur to defeat it.[8]

Blue faces Red in the League Championship battle. It is a close match, and Professor Oak observes that Blue's battle style has become more like Red's, and Red's battle style has become more like Blue's. Ultimately, Blue loses, but does not hold it against Red.[9]

Yellow Arc

Blue trains Yellow in Pokémon training and fighting. During this time, he figures out her gender.


Blue has become the gym leader of Viridian City.

He competes in the gym leaders' tournament at the Pokémon League and faces his former mentor, Chuck.

After the Masked Man has been defeated, Blue tries to arrest Silver for stealing Professor Elm's Totodile, but Gold gets Silver off on the technicality that the wanted poster Gold had bluffed to the police about looks nothing like Silver.

Pokedex Holders Revived

Blue and other Pokedex owners revived


Blue trains with Red to master the ultimate moves, Blast Burn and Frenzy Plant. When Red loses spirit, Blue provokes him and makes him regain his resolve.

Ultimately, Blue, along with Red, Yellow, Green, and Silver, are turned to stone by Sird and Deoxys.

Emerald Arc

With help of the two Johto pokédex holders and the Hoenn pokédex holders, Blue and the others were freed from petrification and joined the battle against Guile Hideout. All of the pokédex owners used their ultimate moves and defeated him.

Later, Blue and the others are surprised when Red suggested that all of the pokédex holders join a tournament.


Blue is briefly seen when he gives Silver his Rhyperior.

XY Arc

Blue's next appearance is in the XY Arc where he help's X and Y's gang.


At the beginning of the first arc, Blue is smug and can be quite rude. By the end of the first arc, though, he has changed considerably, taking on many characteristics of his rival, Red.

Blue is shown to usually have a calm and aloof personality.



  • Male


  • Male

Blue's Scizor has been with Blue since the beginning, back when he was just a Scyther. Blue uses Scizor to read his opponents moves and that tactic was imparted by Chuck himself


  • Male

Blue's Charizard was just a Charmander when Professor Oak gave him to Blue. Since then, he has become one of Blue's toughest Pokemon.


  • Male


  • Male

When it was still a Machoke, Blue and Red bumped into one another, scattering their pokeballs on the ground. This resulted in a mix-up, where they each ended up with the other's Pokemon. Thanks to this trade, Machoke was able to evolve into Machamp. Strangely, Blue is puzzled as to why his Machoke evolved.


  • Male

Ninetales was defeated with the help of Red, but Blue claimed the Pokemon as his own, reasoning that it was his Pokemon that defeated Ninetales.



Blue's friendship with Red had a rocky start, strained by Red's perception of Blue as his arch-rival and Blue's belief that Red was only an amateur Pokémon trainer. Blue considered Red to be a nuisance, always getting in his way, and Red was angered by Blue's arrogant and callous personality. The two often fought on and off the battlefield. This is evident by how Blue was not even grateful for Red rescuing him from Lavender Tower. Another example is when they both defeated Ninetails but Blue managed to successfully keep it for his own.

Later on, they managed to put their differences aside and work as a team, like when facing Koga of the Team Rocket, or even tougher opponents. By the time of the Pokémon League, Blue has fully recognized Red as his greatest opponent. Their fierce showdown comes down to a final clash between Blue's Charizard, and Red's Venasaur. After an explosion, Blue appeared to have won but Charizard fell one second before Venusaur. Blue gained title of 1st Runner-up of the Pokémon League.

As the series goes on, their relationship shifts to a more friendly rivalry, but the two still retain the same fire that they had in the beginning. By the end of the Emerald Arc, Blue had established Red as not only his arch-rival, but his best friend.


At first, Blue didn't trust Green, since she had tricked both him and Red many times. However, as time passed, their relationship became better.


Blue teaches Yellow how to train, battle, and capture Pokémon.


Camper Evan is a boy that Blue met during his time searching for Lapras. After catching this mysterious Pokémon, Evan had gotten envious at Blue and demanded that he give Blue the Pokémon because he had been searching for it for a long time. Blue ignores him and decides to reluctantly join Evan on his quest to retrieve his Haunter back from within the Power Plant. During their adventure, Blue had been annoyed of Evan constantly, not even paying attention to him whenever he got scared. It would take Evan's aid in their fight with Agatha, after Agatha had put Blue into a deep sleep and was draining his energy with her Gengar using Dream Eater for Evan to gain Blue's trust. After Evan rescues Blue, Agatha leaves and Blue thanks him for saving him. As a reward, Blue gave Evan his  Lapras as a gift and left. Evan was grateful for this. Blue has a habbit of giving Evan the nickname, "Bozz."

Battle Record

Pokémon Adventures: Red, Blue, Green Arc
Opponent(s) Chapter(s) Pokémon Used Foe's Pokémon Outcome
Mew 1 Charmander Mew Unfinished
Venemoth 3 Charmander Venemoth Win
Red 3 Charmander Poliwhirl Win
Kangaskhan 3 Charmander Kangaskhan Unfinished
Pokémon Trainer 5 Charmeleon Unknown Win
Brock 5 Charmeleon Onix (Presumed) Win (off-screen)
Red 14 Gastly (controlled); Charmeleon Bulbasaur Lose
Koga 14 Charmeleon Arbok Win
Ninetails (tag w/Red) 18 Pikachu / Machoke-Machamp Ninetales Win
Koga 29 - 31 Scyther, Pidgeot, Charizard, Porygon Grimer, Golbat, & Articuno Win
Sabrina (Blue tag teams w/ Red and Green) 33 Charizard, Blastoise (Green), Venasaur (Red) Zapmolcuno Win
Pokémon Trainer 39 Pidgeot Unknown Win
Red 40 Charizard, Machamp, Ninetails Venasaur, Poliwrath, Pikachu, Snorlax Lose

Pokémon Adventures: Yellow Arc
Opponent(s) Chapter(s) Pokémon Used Foe's Pokémon Outcome
Supernerd William/Gastly 49 Charizard Gastly Win
Lapras 50 Golduck Lapras Win (Flashback)
Magneton 51 Machamp Magneton Win (Flashback)
Agatha 51 Golduck Gengar Unfinished
Mankey Pack (tag w/ Yellow) 55 Golduck, Pidgeot, Raticate, Pikachu Mankeys Win
Primeape Boss 55 Porygon Primeape Win
Agatha/Gengar (tagw/Koga) 71 - 72 Golduck, Golbat, Arbok, Muk, Weezing Arbok, Gengar, Golbat Win
Agatha 77 - 85 Charizard, Golduck, Ninetails, Scyther, Porygon Gengar Win
Lance (tag w/ Yellow, Red, & Blue) 90 All Pokemon Mystery Bird Win

Pokémon Adventures: Gold, Crystal, & Silver Arc
Opponent(s) Chapter(s) Pokémon Used Foe's Pokémon Outcome


  • 1 badges Collected:
    • Boulder Badge in Onix Is On!

Blue has competed in the following Pokémon Leagues:



  • His character is based on the rival character in the first generation Pokemon games.
  • There is a sort of pattern that Blue and the other main protagonists follow in the US version and others like it: their first names are affiliated with the type that is strongest against their starters (i.e. Blue's Charizard is a fire/flying type, and Blue's name is associated with water, which, in Pokemon-related media, is represented by the color blue). In Japan, however, Blue's name is "Green", ironically making his name associated with the typing that his starter is strongest against, which is Grass.


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