A charizard

Species: Charmander→Charmeleon→Charizard
Gender: Male
Current Trainer:

Blue Oak






Given by Professor Oak


81 (GSC)


Chapter 1

Blue's Charizard is one of Blue's Pokémon.



Blue receives Charmander from Professor Oak.


Charmeleon is seen battling in the Pewter City gym.[1]

Later, Charmeleon and Blue are possessed by a Gastly. Gastly has Charmeleon attack Red's Bulbasaur. After Red and Bulbasaur release them from Gastly's control, Blue and Charmeleon go to find Koga, who was the one who put them under Gastly's control in the first place. Charmeleon successfully battles Koga's Arbok and wins, literally cutting Arbok in half.[2]

Charmeleon's pokéball accidentally gets switched with one of Red's, so Red sends Charmeleon out against some wild Pokémon. Of course, Charmeleon refuses to obey Red and watches as Red gets stomped on by the wild Pokémon. When he is returned to Blue, Charmeleon is more relaxed than before.[3]

Charmeleon evolves sometime before Chapter 27.


Blue rides on Charizard when he tries to get into Saffron City.[4] He later uses Charizard to defeat Koga and Articuno, saving his and Red's lives. Charizard then teams up with Red's Venasaur and Green's Blastoise to combine attacks and defeat Zapmolcuno.[5]

Blue sends Charizard out to begin his Championship match against Red at the Indigo Plateau. Charizard is faced with Red's Venasaur, who poisons him. Blue switches Charizard for Machamp, but later uses Charizard again, against Red's Venasaur for the finale of their battle. Charizard is defeated by Red's clever strategy (creating a thunderstorm and using Venasaur's vine as a lightningrod to direct the lightning to Charizard). Charizard loses against Venasaur, making Red the Champion of Kanto.[6]

Known Moves

  • Fire Spin[7]
  • Reflect[8]
  • Fly
  • Fire Punch[9]
  • Cut
  • Ember
  • Flamethrower[10]
  • Blast Burn



Blue's Charizard can best be described as a sort of intelligent berserker, with immense ferocity and a fighting style that can only be described as brutal. However, sometimes his violent streak, like any other berserker, overwhelms his self-control, sometimes leading to unneeded, excessively brutal attacks. A shining example of his brutality is when Charizard, back when he was a Charmeleon, sliced off the head of Koga's Arbok, even though a simple blow to the skull that knocked the giant snake out would've been similarly effective. He doesn't seem to feel that much regret once the Arbok was defeated, and, given Blue's almost drill sergeant-like training methods, he is almost like an army soldier who was brainwashed by the military into mercilessly defeating his enemies by any means required, so long as the commanding officer gave the word to do so, of course. When Blue got him back after being under Red's care, however, he seems to show a bit more of a gentle side, as he seems much more relaxed and easy-going, if not happy-go-lucky. It is possible that this could be his true personality, as Blue's strict training regimen could've actually warped his mentality somewhat.

* The above can be seen through body language and implications throughout the series.


  • He is the first "starter" to be owned by a character based on a rival from the video games.
  • He is also the first fire type "starter" to gain a secondary type through evolution, which is also the case with other members of the Charizard evolution line as well.
  • In Japan, Blue's Charizard is known as "Green's Lizardon". Green is Blue's name in the Japanese version of the manga, since he was originally named after Green Version, just as Red was named after Red Version. Due to localization issues, Green's name was changed to Blue because of Blue Version, and Blue's Charizard had his name changed as well.


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