Blind boy

Blind Boy





Slateport City


Steven Stone


Chapter 238

The blind boy is a patient at Slateport City's hospital during the flood.


The boy has spent a great deal of time in the Slateport hospital for undisclosed reasons. While there, he meets the Champion of Hoenn, who teaches him an ancient, special braille code. Steven entrusts the blind boy with an ancient braille slab containing crucial information; the slab is missing a part, but Steven hopes that the boy's ultra-sensitive fingers will enable him to decode it anyway.[1]

The blind boy's Magikarp, Maggie, goes missing, but she is returned to the boy by Ruby. The boy is delighted and thanks Ruby for using his skills to save Maggie. (This unintentionally prompts Ruby's change of heart, causing him to join the fight against Teams Aqua and Magma.)[2]

The blind boy does not evacuate from Slateport City, instead remaining and hanging on to a special slab that was entrusted to him. The swimmer finds him, but they are unable to evacuate. The swimmer protects him and they stick together.[3] The boy tells the swimmer about his encounters with Steven.[4] When the building they are in begins to collapse, they are rescued by Phoebe, who puts the boy on the phone with Steven. The boy translates part of the slab for him but confesses that he cannot decipher the missing part.[5]



Maggie (Magikarp)


Steven Stone

The blind boy looks up to Steven.


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