Blasty 2

Species: Squirtle→Wartortle→Blastoise
Gender: Male
Current Trainer:


Past Trainer(s):

Professor Oak






Pallet Town


Chapter 282: 80


Chapter 15

Blasty is Green's male Blastoise.



As a Squirtle, Green stole him from Professor Oak.


Blasty debuts in Chapter 15, without a nickname.

Green sends Blasty out to escape via Celadon City's waterways. They are blocked by Red's Snorlax and after a brief conversation, Blasty ambushes Red with Bubble. However, Snorlax uses Mega Punch on the ground to cause Blasty and Green to fall, passing out.[1]

Blasty evolves sometime before Chapter 30.


Green seems to send out Blasty to face Sabrina's Kadabra, but that Blastoise is revealed to be Ditty in diguise; the real Blasty then damages Kadabra greatly with Mega Punch.[2]

Blasty is later sent out to defeat Dr. O's Spearow, but when the Spearow uses Mirror Move, Blasty is critically damaged and faints.

Known Moves

  • Bubble[3]
  • Mega Punch[4]
  • Hydro Cannon
  • Tail Whip
  • Tackle
  • Surf
  • Hydro Pump
  • Water Gun


  • Chapter 180: 70
  • Chapter 282: 80


Blasty has a jolly nature, suggesting that he seemingly has a lot of fun being with his trainer Green and is generally a happy Pokemon in general. He may even think that Green's way of life, which in this case involves stealing and conning people, is socially acceptable and the right thing to do. This means he may also be a tad oblivious to his overall surroundings and the situation at the time, which in some cases makes him naive as well. He seems to have adapted some of Green's personality traits over time, as he is actually very deceptive, if not just as deceptive as Green herself. He also has a very easy time cooperating with other Pokemon, like when he, Blue's Charizard, and Saur faced off against Zapmolcuno.

* The following can be seen via implications and body language throughout the series.


  • Like all Blastoise, Blasty is the only Kanto starter who lacks a secondary typing in any of his forms.


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