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ラクツ Rakutsu








Pokemon Trainer, International Police

Blake is an S-ranked member of the International Police; his official designation is Agent Black No. 2 (Japanese: 黒の2号). His appearance is based on Nate, the male playable character in Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2. He first appears in the Pokémon Black and White 2 chapter of Pokémon Adventures.


Fan r1 c1-8Nate
Blake is working to find members of Team Plasma. He suspects the idol Yancy of past affiliation, so he goes out with her to get closer and learn more. Once he decides Yancy is innocent, he breaks up with herin order to cut up all ties.

Blake is undercover at Aspertia City's trainers' school, checking into the students for possible Plasma sympathies. As part of his undercover persona, he acts like a chronic flirt; this annoys Hugh, a fellow student, who feels that a talented trainer like Blake should devote himself to Pokémon battling and not get distracted by girls.

Their arguments come to a climax with the arrival of the new student Whitley . As she introduces herself to the class, Blake writes down her information for later use, irritating Hugh and causing a disturbance. The teacher, Cheren, decides that they should have a battle, as should everyone else in the class; the two winners of this tournament would be given pokédexes by Bianca. Blake faces off against Hugh and defeats the boy's Trapinch with his Dewott.

Cheren awards the pokédexes to Blake and Whitley for their performance in battle. Whitley is reluctant to accept hers, but Blake talks her into it.

Later that night, Blake is going through profiles of his classmates, crossing them off as potential Plasma members, when Looker arrives. Blake defeats a Scolipede threatening Looker and reveals that he is Looker's superior in the International Police. The two go into an alleyway to meet the Magician, who scans Blake as part of his project to make using pokéballs easier. Blake then gives Looker a test, which Looker fails, and Blake tells him to get better at handling hard conditions.

A sudden explosion catches their attention. They go to find the source and encounter a Genesect. Blake's Dewott attacks Genesect to no avail and Blake reveals that at the start of his investigation of Team Plasma he had uncovered incomplete information about Genesect at the P2 Laboratory. He deduces that Genesect is being controlled by a machine, and he discovers its master Colress nearby, a man wanted for serious crimes done to Pokémon.

Colress orders Genesect to attack Blake with Techno Blast, which Blake withstands thanks to his armor. Realizing that since Genesect is controlled via machine it can't be Colress's Pokémon, Blake readies the special pokéballs the Magician gave him, intending to capture Genesect.

As Dewott attacks Genesect, Blake throws pokéballs at it. Colress, enraged, gives Genesect the Shock Drive. Genesect causes an explosion, and once the smoke clears, Blake throws a ball at Gensect and successfully captures it. Colress leaves, revealing he is the new leader of Team Plasma.

As people come to check out the explosion, Blake falls back into his role as the flirt, irritating Looker. Blake explains himself to Looker, telling him that a device crucial to counteracting Colress's machine was entrusted to a female Plasma grunt, so he flirts with all girls to have a greater chance of drawing her in.


As his undercover persona, Blake flirts with just about every girl. He has a hidden serious and determined side, willing to go to great lengths to investigate Team Plasma and root out its supporters.



Dewott defeats Hugh's Trapinch, earning Blake a pokédex.




As part of his undercover role, Blake flirts with Whitley. He even convinces her to accept a pokédex from Bianca.


Hugh is a classmate of Blake's at the Aspertia City trainers' school. As part of his disguise, Blake acts a flirt, which annoys Hugh. The two argue often.


Looker is Blake's subordinate in the International Police forces. Looker is irritated by Blake's shammed flirtations.


  • Lack-two's name is a corruption of the Japanese word for the Pokémon game Black 2


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