Blaine is the gym leader of Cinnabar Island gym and an ex-member of Team Rocket. His badge is the Volcano Badge. He is also a scientist and the creator of Mewtwo. He trains fire-type Pokémon.


Blaine has an unnamed debut in Chapter 16, when Red sees him discussing the incomplete Mewtwo with a Team Rocket member.

He is next seen on Cinnabar Island, where Team Rocket is after his blood for betraying them. He steps in to save Red—an innocent bystander—and even endures a Night Shade attack to protect Red. The two escape on Blaine's Rapidash after Red's Gyarados causes a distraction. As they ride, Blaine confesses to Red that he used to be a Team Rocket scientist, and he notices that there is a fireball catching up to them. When Red's Poliwrath fails to put it out, Blaine realizes that they are actually being chased by Team Rocket's Moltres; a grunt insinuates that Blaine was there when Team Rocket captured it at the Indigo Plateau.

While battling Moltres, Blaine catches sight of Red's "strange "stone." Recognizing it as the Old Amber, Blaine begs Red to trust him, takes Red's Gyarados, and sends Red with the Old Amber to his secret laboratory. Blaine intends to hold off Moltres until Red can return with an Aerodactyl, meeting Moltres in the air. But when Red fails to show, Blaine despairs, revealing that Mewtwo has escaped and Blaine must find it, or else Mewtwo may destroy them all. He also confesses that he was the one to created Mewtwo.

Blaine is rescued by Red and his Aerodactyl. Afterwards, Blaine sets off to Pallet Town to search for Mewtwo.[1]


He demonstrates a strong moral principle: quitting Team Rocket, enduring a Night Shade to protect a boy he'd never met, and taking responsibility for his creation, Mewtwo.[2]




Known Moves:

  • Fire Spin


Koga, Lt. Surge, and Sabrina




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