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ブラック Black




14 (BW)




Nuvema Town, Unova


White, Cheren, Bianca, Cedric Juniper, Aurea Juniper, Brycen




Chapter 462

Black is a protagonist in the Black and White Chapter of Pokémon Adventures. He is a Pokédex Holder.



Black did not initially live in Nuvema Town, but went there often to play with Cheren and Bianca. He convinced his parents to move there so that he could be near enough to try to impress Cedric Juniper into giving him a pokédex.

He loved battling from a young age and sometimes used Bianca's dad's Pokémon to play at battling. This infuriated Bianca's dad, who believed him to be endangering Bianca, and caused him to forbid Black from playing with Bianca unless he gave up battling. Black agreed to not use any adults' Pokémon to battle and instead used his time to learn from books. He studied with intense passion, causing Cheren to realize that Black had not given up on his dream of Pokémon battling.

He read about the Pokémon League and became determined to defeat it. Upon hearing about the development of the pokédex, he decided to get one from Professor Cedric Juniper. He, Bianca, and Cheren went to look for wild Pokémon, followed at a distance by a Munna, and Bianca stumbled across a Rufflet. However, Black, consumed with his burning dreams about the Pokémon League, was zoned out until the Munna attached himself to Black's head.

When Munna released him, Black saw in his mind's eye a footprint: the Rufflet's footprint. He deduces that Bianca had stepped on the Rufflet's berry, infuriating Rufflet and therefore attacking her. Black shows Rufflet his berry, still edible, and Black and his friends escape while Rufflet is distracted.

They bring Bianca to her father, who, upon finding out that Bianca was injured, became enraged with Cheren and Black, forcing them to flee to Cheren's house. There, they researched the wild Pokémon they saw, and Black revealed that he is going to capture the Rufflet, admiring Rufflet's speed and power.

He used Cheren's money to buy a bunch of pokéballs and secretly goes to find the Munna who ate his dreams about the Pokémon League, offering to let Munna eat more if Munna helped him catch Rufflet.

He found Rufflet and fought him himself for a while, gaining a bloody nose and greater admiration for Rufflet's power. With Munna's help, he captured Rufflet. He also offered Munna unlimited access to his dreams if Munna joined him, so Black gained his first two Pokémon on the same day.

Black tells Lenora that, as a child, he was accustomed to going to the library to find the answers to his questions himself.


BW Arc

Volume 43

Black waits outside Professor Juniper's lab in the rain the whole night before he's due to get a pokédex and Pokémon. When the delivery man arrives, Black hurriedly acquires the three Pokémon from him, pocketing a pokédex, and lets the three Pokémon out without waiting for Cheren and Bianca. They begin to brawl, and Tepig runs off, upset. Black gives chase, leaving the other two to knock each other out.

Black follows Tepig up into a tree and declares that Tepig could've beat the other two if he weren't sick. He says he likes Tepig and chooses him as his starter. Moments later, they are attacked by some unseen Pokémon, but Tepig expertly defeats the Sewaddle with Ember, accepting Black as his trainer.

Black then gives his vow to defeat the Unova Elite Four and Champion, hollering at the top of his lungs. Satisfied, Black flies off on Brav.[1]

Black goes to the library to do some research on Tepig's evolution but finds nothing. Tepig, insulted that Black doesn't think this form strong enough to merit a nickname, runs off again. Black chases him again. Tepig fights some wild Pokémon to prove to Black that he's perfectly strong already. Black, agreeing, nicknames him "Tep."[2]

On Route 1, Black shouts a challenge to the general vicinity. Hiker Andy accepts his challenge and they have a triple battle, which Black wins after Andy gets overheated and succumbs to his quirks. Black inspires Andy to continue his dream of entering the Pokémon League and they shout their vows together.[3]

Volume 44

Black interrupts the filming of an Xtransceiver commercial by loudly shouting out his vows. When asked by the crew to move, Black politely refuses, explaining that he's swearing on his dreams to the sun, skies, and sea, and they will have to wait until he finishes. He shows them a flier advertising the construction of a great stadium to house the Pokémon League in a year. He is about to leave, as requested by the commercial's director, but Tep releases White's Tepig from her pokéball.

Black introduces himself to White and is pulled to the site of the commercial—now the site of a crime, burnt and devastated. Black is immediately blamed because he is the only outsider present. Black furiously declares that he'll prove his own innocence, by himself, rejecting White's attempts at mediation between him and the director.


Munna eats Black's dreams

Black takes Musha, putting him onto his head and telling Musha to make his mind go completely blank. Black eyes blur, and processes the information by "darkening" his "blank" mind, his eyes showing hexagons of black and white as they arrange to form a shape.

Black proceeds to verbalize the situation, stating facts and observations, and pulling on gloves. He has Tep use Ember, revealing an electric web. He rides up on Brav, pulling on the threads until a Galvantula bursts from the ground. Black warns everyone that its threads are charged with electricity and he tells them to run as he readies himself for battle against it. Seeing this, White tells him to run, but Black laughs and says if he can't handle this, he can't ever show his face at the Pokémon League. Tep lights the threads on fire, the threads like little paths that lead the fire to Galvantula, knocking it out.

The commercial crew returns and points out that Black has destroyed all of their equipment, worth a small fortune. Black is shocked when White tells them to charge BW Agency, claiming Black as a new employee, and orders him to call her "president" or "boss."[4]

As White watches Tep and Gigi's scene in a movie, Black sets up a tent in a park, outside a grand hotel where their Pokémon are staying. He is upset that their Tepig get to stay in a hotel while they humans sleep outside, and he goes on to moodily insult White until she pulls out the financial records, pointing out that the destroyed equipment cost fifty times what Tep earned in this one film.

Black is shocked. He thinks that White has him so far in debt that she's practically enslaved him, but she quickly disabuses him of the notion and tells him that she won't make him work for the full 49 other paychecks: just a few, because Tep and Gigi are so popular. She also tells Black that her dream is to be the best talent agent, just like being Champion is his dream. This clearly touches Black, who says he'll consider it. White gives him an Xtransceiver, a gift from the client. Black falls asleep inside his tent.

A scream jerks him from a sound sleep, and he bursts out of the tent to find White under attack, shards of rock falling everywhere. He shouts for her to get her Pokémon out and defend herself, but White is frozen, so Black takes things into his own hands, letting out Brav and Musha.

Musha sits on his head, and Black explains to White that his head is full of dreams about winning the Pokémon League, a constant distraction when he's trying to calm down and think—so Musha eats his dreams so that his mind is blank.

When his mind is blank, Black realizes that they aren't being attacked; they're just standing in the way of someone laying the structure for something. He finds a Timburr and two members of Team Plasma, who immediately apologize profusely for not noticing them. Black and White are (apologetically) ejected.


Black chases Plasma

The next day, Black and White return to find that Team Plasma has built a stage where Ghetsis is delivering a persuasive speech, convincing many to release their Pokémon.[5] Black is horrified when he sees someone casually release a Ducklett they've had for ten years. Black frantically runs off, intent on chasing down Ghetsis and telling him not to make any more speeches. White follows, telling him everyone has their own opinions, but Black tells her that this isn't about opinions, this is about doing what's right: all the released Pokémon looked miserable to be abandoned by their trainers.

Black loses track of Team Plasma, to his frustration. He shows White the Galvantula he captured and tells her that he used to be a trainer's Pokémon but was abandoned, likely due to the work of Team Plasma. White runs off with Tep to make a business call, leaving Black and Galvantula alone. Black admits to his Pokémon that before this he had been considering releasing Galvantula, but that didn't seem like a good idea now.

A voice suddenly tells Black that Galvantula is talking to Black, but Black waves it off, saying that Pokémon can't talk. A voice suddenly speaks into his ear, freaking him out, but he whips around and no one's there. The voice says to let him hear Black's Pokémon's voice and challenges him to a battle, using a Purrloin.


Black really struggles with the battle, telling White (when she returns) that this guy is absurdly strong; even putting Musha on his head to strategize didn't help. Even though his opponent is using an ordinary Pokémon, Purrloin's attacks are stronger than they should be. Black thinks there is no way to win.

N suddenly appears beside him and White, agreeing that Black cannot win. Black pulls out his pokédex when N summons more Pokémon, but N grabs his wrist, agitated by the pokédex that so many of his friends have been trapped for.[6] Black is impassioned, defending his beliefs, and tells White that if he loses then White has to continue the fight. White stutters a refusal, prompting Black to hop about in fury, shouting for her to fight until White tells him she's never fought a battle in her life.


Cue Black being shocked beyond speechlessness. His brain is completely blown.


Black shouts at N

N chooses that moment to attack again, snapping Black into gear. As N goes into a speech about Pokémon being forever miserable at the beck and call of humans, Black shouts at him to quit his whining. He gestures at his Pokémon and asks N if any of them are unhappy. Even Galvantula isn't, and volunteers at that moment to join Black's team. He says that Pokémon who want to be with humans, to have trainers, exist. He justifies the pokédex, telling N that because he loves Pokémon, it's natural for him to want to know more about them. The pokédex, and pokéballs, are tools he uses to understand Pokémon better. He has Tep attack to show N his conviction, knocking out both Tympole and Tep.

Black technically loses his battle against N because all of his Pokémon were badly hurt while, other than Tympole, N's are pretty much healthy.

As Black and White take care of Black's hurt Pokémon afterwards, Black tells White that during the battle, Musha saw N's dream: A very gentle dream of a childhood with Pokémon, like an ideal world. Black says then that, whatever his beliefs, N is a good person.[7]

Black and White arrive in Striaton City, where they eat together at the gym. White leaves Black, and Black is immediately confronted by Bianca, who demands to know when he got a girlfriend; Black explains to her and Cheren that White is his boss. Cheren proceeds to chew Black out about his irresponsibility and immaturity in leaving Nuvema Town so inconsiderately. Cilan, Chili, and Cress arrive and make tea for the three, and then announce they are ready to accept Black's challenge. They open up a stage with a water symbol on the curtain, telling him they will be waiting at the end of the gym puzzle.

Black is furious when Bianca jumps on the "fire" button before Black can jump on "grass." They argue, and their starters begin to quarrel, joined by Cheren's Snivy. Black has a momentary heart attack when Chili appears on a nearby screen, announcing that Black has been disqualified because Bianca participated in the test, but Chili laughs it off and tells them that the gym leaders have decided to have a triple battle (30 minutes long, whichever team has more Pokémon left standing wins) against all three Nuvema trainers.[8]

Black teaches Bianca about type advantages/weaknesses and they reach the gym leaders without another mishap. They struggle tremendously in their battle, and eventually Tep is left standing alone against Pansage and Panpour. Panpour knocks him down, but Black ultimately wins the fight because he used his pokédex and found out that Pansage's leaves have medicinal properties. All three Nuvema Pokémon are revived, and the challengers win.

After the battle, Black goes to western Striaton to wait for Bianca, Cheren, and White. When Bianca and Cheren arrive, Black gives them Xtransceivers to keep in touch with him. He and White leave together, forgetting to give Bianca and Cheren his Xtransceiver number.[9]

While training near the Dreamyard, Black is attacked. When he wakes up, he is in Fennel and Amanita's lab with White, Musha missing. The four set out to the Dreamyard, where Team Plasma is keeping Musha captive. Black manages to recover Musha by concentrating his dreams, trumping the power of the Dreamyard.[10]

Volume 45

After ruining one of White's business deals in Nacrene City, White decides to teach him about business. After seeing her work her magic on a bystander, Black is impressed and agrees to the lessons. However, the director arrives for White, and Black runs off to train with his Pokémon while Tep, Gigi, and White work.


Black swears to prove BW Agency's innocence

Unfortunately, Black chooses an area near where White is shooting, so when an accordion is stolen from the set, Black is blamed for its theft. Upon seeing White's downcast face, he realizes that she's in trouble again because of his bad luck. Black shoots up and starts to declare he'll prove his own innocence, but then changes his wording so that he says he will prove BW Agency's innocence, startling White by acknowledging his place in BW Agency.

Black proceeds to put Musha on his head, finding and defeating the real thieves: a Scraggy and Scrafty. He recovers the accordian and all is well. After the battle, Black goes to the Nacrene Museum to challenge Lenora, whom he has already researched.[11]

He solves Lenora's gym puzzle in 3 minutes 30 seconds, beating the previous record by a lot. His battle with Lenora is two-on-two, but Lenora immediately thwarts his plan to have Musha use Hypnosis on Stoutland by having Stoutland use Roar, forcing Brav from his pokéball and directly into an Ice Fang attack.


Black and Brav don't give up

Black's passion keeps Brav going, and the battle comes down to a final attack between Lenora's Stoutland's Take Down, and Musha's Zen Headbutt: A double KO due to the damage Stoutland took from recoil.

Lenora awards Black the Basic Badge because of his clever use of Take Down's recoil damage.

As Black leaves the museum, he finds White waiting for him. She's smiling and grabs his hand, saying that she's really happy. Black is flattered, blushing a little because he thinks that she's pleased he won; he quickly finds out his error as White begins to shake and throw him around in manic celebration, excited because she had made a suggestion to the mayor of Nimbasa and he'd loved it, and wants her to run it![12]

Team Plasma, led by Gorm, steals the dragon fossil from Nacrene Museum. Working together with Burgh, Black manages to retrieve the skeleton.[13]

On the way to Castelia City to challenge Burgh, Black and White are attacked by a Pokémon in Pinwheel Forest, messing up their clothing. Escaping to Skyarrow Bridge, Black battles a lowly janitor who turns out to be the president of an important company. After Black earns his respect, the janitor reveals that the Pokémon who attacked them was Virizion.[14]

Black and White arrive at Castelia City. White offers to sponsor Black, paying for his supplies and such, if he agrees to wear the BW Agency logo while fighting in the Pokémon League. Black agrees. Right after that, Tep almost evolves into Pignite, causing White to freak out and tell them that Tep cannot evolve because then he can't look cute alongside her Tepig, Gigi.

Black is reluctant but he agrees and goes to challenge Burgh. During his battle against Burgh, Black avoids using Tep but eventually has to, and Tep evolves into Pignite. He manages to defeat Burgh, earning the Insect Badge.

Before White can confront him about Pignite's evolution, Iris rushes into the gym, carrying Bianca, unconscious, on her back. Pignite uses his sensitive nose to track Bianca's attackers to a building across the street from the gym, where they find Team Plasma and a lot of kidnapped Pokémon. Led by Bronius, Team Plasma leaves without a fight.

Afterwards, to Black's relief, White accepts Pignite's evolution, and Black gives Pignite a new nickname: Nite.[15]

Volume 46

Professor Juniper gives Black and White special tickets to visit Liberty Garden in search of a rare Pokémon. While there, Black encounters Team Plasma grunts, who are in the process of viciously attacking a Victini in the hopes of weakening it enough to catch it. Black defeats them and lets Victini free.[16]

In order to reach Nimbasa City, they have to go through Route 4, which is a perpetual sandstorm. Black waits for White as she goes to buy sand gear, but as he waits, he sees a group of construction workers playing cards with a stranger during their lunch break. Curious about the man's reasons, Black approaches him and is lured in when the stranger says that seeing everything as a game could improve Black's battle skills. He invites Black to play a game of chance, where both try to guess whether a burrowing Drilbur would surface to the right or left of a line.


Black struggles to decide whether he should bet his badges.

They are tied 3-3 (though Black eventually loses 4-3) when an apparent construction worker wanders across their game field, the sand immediately collapsing beneath him. Black is shocked when he discovers that the construction worker is a Team Plasma member in disguise and that this card-dealing stranger is none other than Grimsley, who offers Black a bet: If Black can defeat him in battle, Grimsley will tell Black why he was looking for Team Plasma, but if Black loses, he must give Grimsley his most precious object. In Black's case, these are his badges, the path into the Pokémon League. Black is wracked by indecision: Battle an Elite Four? YES! But possibly lose his badges, which needs in order to accomplish his dream? Ahhhh, he can't decide. Overcome by the difficulty of the decision, Black passes out, seeing a bright light as he does so.[17]


Black watches White work

While he is unconscious, White brings him, the Team Plasma member, and the Plasma's Maractus all the way through Route 4 with the help of Brav. Black wakes up with a strange haze in his head, then panics, remembering the battle against Team Plasma; but White settles his worries and takes him to the Pokémon Musical, where preparation is in progress for the show. Black is amazed at White's professionalism and authority as she easily problem solves and gives orders, commenting to Musha that she's doing almost all the work. As he wanders around, the haze in his head persisting, he encounters Elesa, who compliments White to him and tells him that he will have to wait until after the Musical for his gym battle.[18]

After the Musical, Elesa invites him to battle. However, at that moment, they receive news that the props planned to be handed out to the audience weren't going to arrive, horrifying White. Black is gearing up to stay and help her out with this crisis when Elesa convinces him to come with her, telling him that White needs to learn to deal with these things on her own or else she'll also be restrained by this limit. Black goes with her.

Her gym puzzle is a series of roller coasters, and once Black gets through it, the seatbelt on the roller coaster malfunctions. Elesa wants to delay the battle until it can be fixed but Black is determined to start the battle even if he is stuck in the roller coaster, which sometimes moves unexpectedly. Elesa's Volt Switch strategy baffles Black and she asks why he doesn't put Musha on his head to come up with a strategy; Black stridently says that would be cheating, because in a battle like this he and his Pokémon need to be able to rely on Black's thinking. Using the roller coaster, Black sets up an ambush and takes out Elesa's last Emolga.

Before Elesa can hand over the Bolt Badge, the roller coaster malfunctions, carrying Black on its tracks outside of the gym and in the pelting rain. Black catches sight of a huge Pokémon, who hits him with electricity as he passes by. When Black gets back into the gym and describes the Pokémon to Elesa, she recognizes it as Thundurus. Black then accepts the Bolt Badge and leaves to look for White.[19]

Later that day, when White doesn't return, Black goes out to look for her, late into the night. He sees a strange man with White slung over his shoulder, unconscious, and immediately goes beserk, demanding to know what the man has done with White as Black attacks him with his Pignite, Braviary, and Galvantula. The man's Throh and Sawk repulse the attacks easily, and Black suddenly recognizes him as Marshal, a member of the Elite Four. Marshal gives White to him, telling Black to take her to the hospital, which Black does.
Black stays with her in the hospital, wondering worryingly what happened, why does she look like she's been crying a lot, and why she has a Servine following her and lurking aloofly. He wakes up to find White awake as well, though she freaks out when she sees Servine hovering behind Black. White tells him what happened with N, infuriating Black, who rants about N, citing his attacking them in the Dreamyard, his theft of the Dragon Skull, and his kidnapping of Pokémon in Castelia and attempted kidnapping of Victini as marks against him. Black says that next time he sees N, Black won't let him escape again. Black turns on Servine, accusing it of being N's spy, and attacking with Nite. Black realizes that he should have questioned Marshal more closely.

Black and White are approached by a kindly cook, who tells them that she hears a lot of information. She tells them that Marshal came to Nimbasa to meet with someone and she takes them there: the Battle Subway.[20]

They immediately find a battle occurring between Marshal and Alder. Just when Black thinks Marshal is about to win, Marshal concedes the match; the cook explains to him Alder's use of the move Acid Spray that won him the battle.


After Nimbasa's mayor explains the Battle Subway system to them, Marshal invites Black to be its beta tester. Black is about to holler a YES! but hesitates, realizing that it might upset White, who has been experiencing such conflict over Pokémon battles. Black gargles out a response fluctuating between "will" and "won't" before screaming and running away, intent on resisting temptation.

White intercepts him and talks to him about her stormy feelings about Gigi leaving. White then surprises Black by declaring that she will be the one to test the subway.[21]

Later, he watches White attempt to catch a wild Deerling, disappointed that he couldn't be the one to test the subway. He complains to Marshal, who literally picks Black up and throws him into some bushes near White, getting her attention. Black offers to show her how to catch a Pokémon, complaining about her skill, and he catches a Tirtouga as she catches the Deerling. He finds out that the Tirtouga he caught used to be Marshal's, who released Tirtouga because it is very stubborn.

Black chases after White's subway after she boards, yelling that even if they are separated he is still her employee, right? So he's part of BW Agency, and he'll wear their logo at the Pokémon League. He also throws her War's pokéball, because a subway challenger has to have at least three Pokémon.[22]

Black leaves Nimbasa, intending to travel to Driftveil City to challenge its gym leader, Clay; however, he finds that his only way to Driftveil City—crossing the Driftveil Drawbridge—cannot be used currently because the bridge is stuck in an "up" position. Black waits, and when he sees the bridge begin to lower, he loses patience and starts charging up its steep slope. He catches sight of a young boy, who quickly vanishes.

The bridge jerks upright, threatening to send Black falling to the ground, before it grudgingly lowers enough to Black to cling in place. Black sends out Tula to cast a web across the gap between the two parts of the drawbridge, so that Black can climb along the web.

As Black puts on rubber gloves and begins to travel along the web, an Axew appears and cuts the web, and Black careens dangerously under the bridge. His Pokémon pull him up to safety as the bridge snaps together.

Black catches sight of Clay, who is the master of bridge, and blames him for the misbehavior of the drawbridge, calling him a "dirty trickster." His Pokémon attack Clay, but Clay fends them off himself, and Black and Musha figure out that Clay—as well as the young boy and the Axew—were all a Zorua in disguise.

Black drives off the Zorua and the real Clay appears, enraged that Black called him a "dirty trickster."[23]

Black later travels through Chargestone Cave with Clay, making it to a gym leaders' meeting at Celestial Tower. There he meets Skyla, who asks him to ring the bell of Celestial Tower. When she decides that the tone is not completely pure, she throws him off the roof and has her Unfezant fly Black to her gym in Mistralton, where they have a gym battle.


Black is very bold, shamelessly shouting his dreams at inappropriate volumes and times, such as when he interrupted a filming or disturbed a store. He is also confident, always ready to battle, but he is smart enough to measure the stakes and not take crazy risks. (Sometimes when he's weighing the risks and they are too great, he gets a dizzy, vague look on his face.) He's also smart enough that he has researched and can recognize all the gym leaders and Elite Four members.

Black has said that his mind is always full of dreams of beating the Pokémon League and that they distract him to the point that his munna has to eat them for him so that he can concentrate.

Black also has quite a temper, attacking Servine without much provokation.


Tep→Nite→Buoh (Tepig → Pignite → Emboar)

  • Male

Tep was given to Black by Professor Juniper.

Musha (Munna → Musharna)

  • Male

Musha was Black's first Pokémon. Musha eats Black's dreams in order to help Black to concentrate.

Brav (Rufflet → Braviary)

  • Male

Brav was Black's very first Pokémon. Black lends Brav to White when she challenges the Battle Subway.

Tula (Galvantula)

  • Male

Black catches Galvantula, who was released by a previous trainer because of Team Plasma.

Costa (Tirtouga → Carracosta)

  • Male

Black captures Costa while helping White prepare to challenge the Battle Subway. Costa evolves during Black's battle against Brycen.



Black seems to respect her leadership skills, or at least her business ones, as shown in his agreement to learn business from White in Nacrene City, and later his amazement at her efficiency and authority before the Nimbasa City Musical. Black also seems to be protective of her, as when he thinks Marshal has hurt her, he immediately attacks Marshal.


Initially, Black believes that N is a good guy because N's dream is gentle and pure. However, he later says though N talks sweetly, he does horrible things, showing an increasing animosity for N. He expresses determination to capture N.



  • Black has promised White that he will wear the BW Agency logo when he battles at the Pokémon League
  • Black is the first male protagonist since Red to challenge his region's gyms (Gold, Ruby, and Diamond did not)
  • Black is the only other protagonist, besides Red, to have collected all of his region's badges and become the Champion. While Sapphire and Platinum have also done the former, they never challenged the league.


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