Bianca's Pokémon consist of Oshawott and Litwick. Due to interferance from her father, both Pokémon remain rookies at battling.


Litwick's gender is unknown.


Bianca lets Litwick out to accompany her down a dark alleyway in Castelia City. Bianca is knocked out by a Team Plasma grunt's Amoonguss and Litwick is kidnapped. Litwick is saved by Black, Burgh, Iris, and Bianca.[1]

Bianca later sends Litwick and Oshawott out in a battle against White to demonstrate how bad she is at battling.

Known Moves


Oshawott's gender is unknown.


Oshawott debuts in Chapter 461.

It, along with Tepig and Snivy, belongs to Professor Juniper, who intends to give them away as starter Pokémon the following morning. It tries to break up the quarrel between Tepig and Snivy, but after being struck, loses its temper and proceeds to beat the crap out of the two of them. During the fight, a container gets knocked over and gets stuck on Oshawott's head. Juniper returns them, wondering if they are ready to go on a journey with a trainer.[2]

The next morning, Black lets all three starters out of their pokéballs outside of Juniper's lab. Another quarrel begins. Oshawott pays no heed when Tepig flees, instead duking it out with Snivy; both Oshawott and Snivy faint. Professor Juniper, Bianca, and Cheren arrive. Bianca gives Snivy to Cheren and keeps Oshawott for herself.[3]

On the way to Striaton City, Bianca and Oshawott battle a wild Audino and lose. Later, in the gym, Bianca has Oshawott attack Black's Tepig in revenge for a tactless comment. Another three-way quarrel develops until the humans interfere, ending it by demonstrating to Bianca the effect of fire-type moves on Oshawott versus the effect of grass-type moves.[4]

During the gym battle, Oshawott directly across from Cilan's Pansage. Oshawott charges it, but an attack strikes its scalchop, causing Oshawott to lose its temper. It uses its scalchop to knock out Chili's Pansear, but faints shortly afterward, when Pansage destroys its scalchop and hits it with Vine Whip. However, Oshawott eats some of Pansage's nutritious leaves, reviving it and making the score stand at the Nuvema challengers 3 Pokémon standing, and the Striaton gym leaders 2 Pokémon standing.[5]

Known Moves

  • Water Gun[6]
  • Razor Shell (possibly)[7]



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