Bianca's dad lives in Nuvema Town. His daughter, Bianca, is a good friend to Black.


Bianca's dad finds out that Black, Cheren, and Bianca—though mostly Black—have been using his Stoutland and Unfezant to have a battle. This causes him to panic, worried that one of the children has been injured and needs to be taken to the hospital.

Black, Cheren, and Bianca apologize to him for making him worry; Bianca reveals that he has reservations about allowing her to play with them, as he is afraid that she will be hurt playing their "violent" games.

He orders Black to leave Bianca alone unless he gives up Pokémon battling. Black agrees to, asking instead to study from Bianca's dad's books. Bianca's dad seems to like this change, herding Bianca away from him and telling her to let Black study.


Bianca's dad seems to be very excitable. He is easily flustered and moved. He is also a very doting parent.






Bianca's dad is very overprotective, as well as fond and adoring.


Bianca's dad dislikes Black, afraid that his play games might end up injuring Bianca. However, after Black agrees to give up battling to play with Bianca, he asks Bianca's dad for access to his books; Bianca's dad is impressed with his dedication Black shows to studying.


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