Battle Subway Exterior

The Battle Subway is a facility for trainers in Unova utilizing the subway system.

Significant Events



The Battle Subway's main entrance is in Nimbasa City, where all the different Battle Lines meet. The Battle Subway sprawls throughout all of Unova, presumably connecting most cities. Tournaments are held in the subways. It is currently under construction; so far 6 lines have been built, with a total of 8 lines intended. There is a beginner's line and an expert's line for single battles, double battles, and multi-battles.


Each subway has 7 cars for challengers to win their way through. Each car is narrow, short, and very long, making for a confined, difficult battlefield, especially because the subway car is moving during the battle; this also makes it hard for the trainer him- or herself to stay standing. Seats and handles are obstacles. After the challenger wins some number of sets, they face a Subway Boss.


The subway passes by crop fields on its way to Anville Town.


  • The reason there are seven battles in each set is because it is a custom set by other regions
  • Alder and Marshal were one of, if not the, first to use the Battle Subway for a battle


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