The Black and White Arc (Tenth Chapter) starts at Chapter 461 and is of unknown ending point.

Volume 43

Chapter 461: VS Tepig (Viz: Fussing and Fighting)

Chapter 462: VS Sewaddle (Viz: Choices)

  • Black debuts; Cheren debuts; Bianca debuts; Cedric Juniper debuts (memory)
  • Black opens the box from Professor Juniper without waiting for Cheren and Bianca; when a battle breaks out and Tepig runs off, Black follows, heedless of the damage being done to the two pokédexes he'd left behind
  • Bianca chooses Oshawott and Cheren gets Snivy
  • Black chooses Tepig and proves himself to Professor Juniper
  • Black runs off without a word to any of them
  • Cheren and Bianca discover that their pokédexes have been damaged

Chapter 463: VS Woobat (Viz: A Nickname for Tepig)

  • Cilan debuts (imagined); Chili debuts (imagined); Cress debuts (imagined); Bianca's father debuts
  • Tepig proves himself to Black, earning the nickname "Tep"
  • Bianca's father prevents her and Cheren from leaving Nuvema Town

Chapter 464: VS Cottonee (Viz: Black's First Trainer Battle)

Volume 44

Chapter 465: VS Galvantula (Viz: Lights, Camera, Action)

  • White debuts; director debuts; N debuts
  • Black captures a troublemaking Galvantula
  • Black is roped into joining BW Agency after White offers to cover all expenses for the damage to filming equipment he caused
  • N sheds tears over how humans use Pokémon for their own selfish gain

Chapter 466: VS Timburr (Viz: And Odd Speech)

  • Ghetsis debuts
  • White assures Black that she hasn't enslaved him via debt; she hired him to keep her clients from severe profit loss (as they wouldn't have been able to charge Black for the full cost of the equipment)
  • Black and White listen to Ghetsis's speech and see people letting their Pokémon go

Chapter 467: VS Purrloin (Viz: Letting Go)

  • Shadow Triad debuts
  • Black resolves to find and stop Ghetsis from ever giving such speeches again
  • Black realizes that his Galvantula, whom he had intended to release, was in fact released by a previous trainer, so Black decides to keep him
  • N and Black engage in battle

Chapter 468: VS Tympole (Viz: Listening to Pokémon)

  • Black defeats N and discovers that N's dream is a gentle dream of childhood, his ideal world

Chapter 469: VS Audino (Viz: Welcome to Striaton City!!)

  • Cheren and Bianca catch up to Black in Striaton City
  • The three get roped into a triple battle against Striaton's triplet gym leaders

Chapter 470: VS Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour (Viz: Their First Gym Battle)

  • Black, Cheren, and Bianca all win the Trio Badge together

Chapter 471: VS Watchog (Viz: Battle at the Dreamyard)

  • Fennel debuts; Amanita debuts
  • Fennel and Amanita accompany Black and White to the Dreamyard, where Black's Munna has disappeared to
  • Black confronts Team Plasma, who have his Munna
  • Black defeats them, and they leave to inform Ghetsis about the dream eating properties of Munna
  • Fennel obtains Dream Mist

Volume 45

Chapter 472: VS Scraggy (Viz: Wheeling and Dealing)

  • Black acknowledges himself as a member of BW Agency
  • The director asks White to join his Nimbasa City entertainment project and come up with some ideas for it

Chapter 473: VS Patrat (Viz: Battle at the Museum)

  • Lenora debuts; Mayor of Nimbasa debuts; Elesa debuts
  • Black begins his battle against Lenora
  • White suggests holding a musical to the mayor of Nimbasa
  • Black's Braviary knocks out Lenora's Patrat

Chapter 474: VS Stoutland (Viz: Defeating Stoutland)

Chapter 475: VS Cofagrigus (Viz: The Mystery of the Missing Fossil)

  • Burgh debuts; Gorm debuts
  • Black recovers the stolen dragon skeleton, but Gorm escapes

Chapter 476: VS Trubbish and Cinccino (Viz: A Direct Attack and a Daunting Defense)

  • Virizion debuts; Geoff debuts
  • Virizion sends a whirlwind after Black and White
  • Black battles Geoff and earns his respect

Chapter 477: VS Zorua (Viz: Lost in the Big City)

Chapter 478: VS Leavanny (Viz: Big City Battles)

Chapter 479: VS Amoonguss (Viz: The Case of the Missing Pokémon)

Volume 46

Chapter 480: VS Victini (Viz: At Liberty on Liberty Garden)

Chapter 481: VS Bisharp (Viz: Sandstorm)

  • Grimsley debuts
  • Black meets Grimsley
  • Grimsley captures a Team Plasma grunt
  • Grimsley offers to battle Black, if Black will wager what is most important to him (his badges) on victory

Chapter 482: VS Maractus (Viz: To Make a Musical)

  • Elesa debuts
  • Black and White arrive in Nimbasa City
  • White prepares for the first Pokémon Musical
  • Black meets Elesa

Chapter 483: VS Emolga (Viz: Special Delivery)

  • White's first musical is a huge success

Chapter 484: VS Zebstrika (Viz: Battle on a Roller Coaster)

Chapter 485: VS Servine (Viz: Gigi's Choice)

  • N reveals to White that he is the king of Team Plasma
  • White's Tepig abandons her and joins N
  • N's Servine follows White

Chapter 486: VS Throh & Sawk (Viz: Unraveling Mysteries)

  • Marshal debuts; Alder debuts; Chris debuts
  • Marshal finds White, unconscious, and puts her in Black's care
  • N's Servine stays with White

Chapter 487: VS Mienshao (Viz: A New Perspective)

  • Black is invited to challenge the Battle Subway, but he turns it down because he's afraid that White, who's just had a traumatic experience with battles, wouldn't want him to do it
  • White resolves to give battling a try and decides to challenge the subway herself

Chapter 488: VS Deerling (Viz: Growing Pains)

Volume 47

Chapter 489: VS Palpitoad

  • Black fights Zorua
  • Black meets Clay and they get off on the wrong foot

Chapter 490: VS Tornadus & Thundurus

Chapter 491: VS Vanillite

Chapter 492: VS Excadrill

Chapter 493: VS Krokorok

Chapter 494: VS Swoobat

Chapter 495: VS Swanna

Volume 48

Chapter 496: VS Tornadus, Thundurus, & Landorus I

Chapter 497: VS Tornadus, Thundurus, & Landorus II

Chapter 498: VS Cryogonal

Chapter 499: VS Tirtouga

Chapter 500: VS Meloetta I

Chapter 501: VS Meloetta II

Chapter 502: VS Rufflet

Chapter 503: VS Munna


Chapter 44: VS Vanillish

Chapter 45: VS Beartic

Chapter 46: VS Terrakion & Virizion

Chapter 47: VS Cobalion

Chapter 48: VS Darmanitan

Chapter 49: VS Archeops

Chapter 50: VS Zorua III

Chapter 51: VS Gothitelle

Chapter 52: VS Druddigon

Chapter 53: VS Keldeo I

Chapter 54: VS Keldeo II

Chapter 55: VS Croagunk

Chapter 56: VS Jellicent

Chapter 57: VS Haxorus

Chapter 58: VS Boldore

Chapter 59: VS Gigalith

Viz Volumes


  • Chapters in the BW Arc are called "Adventures" (ie, Adventure 1: Fussing and Fighting)

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