Japanese Name:

アオギリ Aogiri








Team Aqua


Team Aqua Leader


Chapter 188

Archie is the leader of Team Aqua.


RS Arc

Volume 19

As Archie leaves the Hoenn TV building in Lilycove City, he is confronted by Maxie, who accuses him of using the press to broadcast information about Team Magma while concealing Team Aqua's activities. Archie sneers that it's what Maxie gets for not using his brain, and battle commences, Archie declaring that he'd never lose to Maxie.

Archie's Walrein and Maxie's Camerupt seem well-matched, with Camerupt's very powerful Eruption and Walrein's Thick Fat reducing the damage taken from fire-type attacks. Maxie points out that Team Magma possesses the Kaien I, which both Team Magma and Team Aqua need, and that Team Aqua possesses the key component, which again both of them need. Maxie proposes a truce, so that they work together to reach the Seafloor Cavern. Archie agrees.[1]

As they are about to set out in the Kaien I, Ark, still injured from his battle with Sapphire, approaches him, saying that he is capable of going; however, Archie attacks him with Walrein and says he has not forgiven Ark for his failure. Archie, Amber, and various grunts get into the Kaien I with Team Magma.[2]

They successfully reach the Seafloor Cavern, where they part ways and end their truce. Archie has his grunts and Amber attack Kyogre, trying to awaken it.[3] They succeed in waking Kyogre before Magma does Groudon, giving Kyogre an advantage.[4]

Volume 20

Archie is baffled and infuriated by how little progress Kyogre is making, compared to Groudon working to expand its area of influence. He sends Amber to find out if Team Magma is behind this; Amber's Volbeat brings him the Blue Jewel, and when Amber asks for Archie's help in restraining Team Magma admin Mitch in the Kaien I, Archie removes the key component from the Kaien I and sends it out into the sea, ensuring both Amber's and Mitch's deaths. He then turns his attention to the Jewel and Kyogre.[5]


Archie is cold and ruthless, even turning on his own loyal followers. He is harsh and violently unforgiving.



  • Ability: Thick Fat



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