Japanese Name:

シズク Shizuku






Team Aqua Admin


Chapter 188

Amber is an admin ("sub-leader" SSS) of Team Aqua.


Amber debuts in Chapter 188.

Volume 15

He, Angie, and Ark are ordered by Archie to kidnap the President of the Devon Corporation. They do this by getting his Castform stuck in the pipe system of a fountain, intending to pose as repairmen. Sapphire unintentionally foils them by rescuing Castform for the President, causing them to decide to go through with force.

They steal a machine part from the Devon President and flee into Petalburg Woods. Sapphire, with the injured President on her back, gives pursuit with Maryann and Tyler. She confronts the admins in battle, but upon realizing that she can't win, escapes with Castform's aid.[1]

Volume 16

Archie promots Amber, Angie, and Ark to sub-leaders (admins). He tells them that since Maryann, Tyler, and Sapphire had seen their faces, they must be eliminated.[2]

Volume 17


Overhearing that Flannery knows something about Sapphire, Amber and Angie kidnap her. He then goes to Mt. Chimney to oversee a crucial operation.[3]

Amber calls Angie to confirm that her mission is going smoothly.[4]

Angie brings Professor Starstone and his Meteorite, but before they can put it into Team Aqua's machine, the cable car arrives with Ark's unconscious body. Amber tells Starstone that Team Aqua has cruel enemies who are attempting to stop their noble work, claiming that Ark had been "negotiating" with the enemy. (When he had, in fact, been trying to kill Sapphire).

Amber takes off his Pelipper to defend Team Aqua, confronting Flannery and Sapphire, whom are on Sapphire's Tropius. He feigns incompetence at battle in order to continue his "good guy" ruse with Professor Starstone, inspiring Starstone to put the Meteorite in the machine and thus kill Mt. Chimney.[5]

Volume 18

Directly after killing Mt. Chimney, Amber jumps off Pelipper and approaches the machine, marveling at its power, and then sends out his Carvanha, who either stirs up dust or creates smoke.

Team Aqua then flees underground into a dark hollow created by Secret Power. They are followed by Sapphire but successfully throw her off.[6]

Volume 19

Amber lets Ark lean on him when Ark asks Archie if he may accompany Archie to the Seafloor Cavern. Amber watches as Archie cruelly attacks and turns down Ark, and Amber goes with Archie and some Team Aqua grunts in the Kaien I.[7]

Volume 20

Archie sends Amber to spy on Team Magma and find out why Kyogre isn't spreading its power like it should. Amber finds out about the Blue and Red Jewels and attacks Mitch for the Blue Jewel. He follows Mitch onto the Kaien I and physically restrains him while his Volbeat uses Trick to steal the Jewel. Volbeat brings the Jewel to Archie.

When Amber asks Archie for help in holding Mitch back, Archie removes the key component of the Kaien I and sends them into the sea on auto pilot, guaranteeing their deaths because (without the component) the Kaien I will buckle under deep sea pressure.[8]

Knowing death could be imminent, Mitch and Amber immediately begin to work together. The Kaien I starts to break, springing leaks everywhere that they try to plug. A burst of water floods the submarine and Amber passes out; while he is unconscious, Mitch grabs his hand and swims to the surface, saving him.[9]


Amber remembers what Archie did

Amber wakes up on the floating wreckage of the Kaien I. Believing that he must have misunderstood Archie, he convinces himself to remain loyal and he flies off on Pelipper to support Team Aqua.[10]

He goes to Route 108 to help Angie and Ark protect Kyogre from Wattson, Flannery, and Winona. He fights Wattson, whose Manectric knocks out Pelipper, Amber's only Pokémon left. Angie lends him her Nincada, who evolves during Amber's fight against Wattson. Because of its speed, Ninjask seems to have the upper hand against Manectric, but Manectric takes Ninjask out with Thunder. Amber then has the unsuspecting Wattson knocked out from behind by Shedinja, causing him to fall backwards into the water.[11]





Known Moves:

Volbeat (multiple)

  • Quick Attack
  • Signal Beam
  • Trick


Angie and Ark

They are comrades.


Amber is almost blindly loyal to Archie.


  • Despite the fact that Amber is generally a female's name, Amber is male
    • He shares this quirk with Ruby, and coincidentally, like Ruby, Amber pretends to be unskilled in battle (but unlike Ruby, it's only once, to fool Professor Starstone)[13]
  • Amber does not exist in any other media


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