Species: Snivy→Servine→Serperior
Gender: Female
Current Trainer:

N, White


(Possibly) Contrary


BW Chapter 25

Amanda was stolen from Cedric Juniper by N; she stayed with him until he sent her to accompany White.


As a Snivy, Amanda originally was Cedric Juniper's. However, before she could be given away as a starter, she, Tepig, and Oshawott were "liberated" by N. She was the only starter who stayed with him, and at some point she evolved into Servine.


Servine is first seen with N in Nimbasa City, when N corners White in the Ferris wheel. During their conversation, Servine attacks White's Tepig, presumably to prove N's point. However, when White jumps from the gondola in desperation, N sends Servine after White for unknown reasons.[1]

Marshal finds Servine with White, and Servine follows Marshal when he carries White away. Servine stays with the unconscious White in the hospital, lurking behind curtains possibly to avoid Black's attention. Black suspects Servine of being a spy for N, even attacking Servine, but Servine smoothly trips Black's Pignite.

Servine follows Black and White to the Battle Subway. Servine continues to remain on the periphery, watching as White attempts to capture a Deerling—interfering when Deerling is about to injure White. When Black suggests she have Servine battle Deerling. Servine obeys White's commands, enabling her to catch Deerling.

Servine accompanies White into the Battle Subway. White nicknames her Amanda. She evolves into Serperior.

She later fights with Black's Emboar and Cedric Juniper's Samurott against N's Zorua and Tepig.


Servine is very aloof and mysterious, preferring to keep a certain distance from White even as Servine follows White around. It may even feel a bit guilty, hence why it keeps such a distance from White.

Known Moves


Amanda uses Leaf Tornado

  • Leaf Tornado
  • Leaf Storm



  • White did not originally have a pokéball for Amanda.
  • Amanda's nickname may come from the ability Contrary (あまのじゃ, Amanojaku)[2]
  • Amanda's nickname sounds similar to Ana, as in anaconda. This is fitting, as Serperior is based on snakes similar to anacondas.


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