Species: Aerodactyl
Gender: Male
Current Trainer:


Aero is one of Red's Pokémon. Aero is a male Aerodactyl.



Volume 2

Aero was given to Red in the form of the Old Amber by Giovanni. The Old Amber is recognized by Blaine, who sends Red to Blaine's secret laboratory to revive it. After revival, Aero battles Moltres and forces Team Rocket to return it and flee.[1]

Volume 3

Red later flies on Aero to catch up with Blue at Saffron City; he and Aero try their best to destroy the barrier around Saffron, but even Hyper Beam fails.[2]

Aero accompanies Red to Cerulean Cave, but is caught up in the twister, forcing Red to return him. Red later sends him out to fly into the center of the twister, sending Pika in with the Master Ball to capture Mewtwo.[3]

Red later escapes on Aero with a little girl from a rampage of Pokémon in Viridian Forest.[4]


Volume 5

In the FRLG Arc, Red, Blue and Green go to Five Island to battle against the newly-reformed Team Rocket, who had awakened the DNA Pokémon, Deoxys. In Red's battle against it, Aero is badly injured when Deoxys' sharp tentacles pierced Aero's wings, causing it to temporarily lose the ability to fly.[5]

Known Moves

  • Fly[6]
  • Hyper Beam[7]
  • Dragon Claw
  • Take Down


  • Chapter 27: 25
  • Chapter 40: 41
  • Chapter 180: 76



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