Absol is a wild Pokémon. Absols have the ability to sense disaster. Absol's gender is unknown.


Absol debuts in Chapter 215.

Absol stands on an overhanging, looking over Lavaridge Town and towards Mt. Chimney.[1]

Absol is seen by Ruby, Wallene, Maryann, and Tyler on their way to the cave-in at Rusturf Tunnel; Tyler initially blames Absol for the cave-in.[2]

Maryann and Tyler see Absol at Slateport City after the flood; Tyler again blames Absol, this time going as far as to accuse Absol of being the mastermind behind Teams Aqua and Magma. Absol looks thoughtfully at Maryann when she points out that correlation does not equal causation, and she asks Absol if it was trying to warn people of the impending disaster.

Absol kneels, inviting her to get onto its back. She does so, asking if Kyogre and Groudon are going to battle each other, and Absol takes off running—leaving Tyler behind until Maryann insists. Absol takes them in the direction of Sootopolis City.[3]

Absol gets there and uses Magic Coat to protect Ruby and Sapphire. Absol refuses to do anything else, as it is a neutral representation of nature.[4]

Known Moves


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